Ring Cleaning: Avoid the Ring Finger Rash


Almost a year ago I developed an itchy rash on my finger under my wedding ring. I had no idea what caused it but figured it had to be moisture being trapped under my ring, hence, causing irritation. I would take my ring off for a few days and the rash (small red bumps that itched like crazy) would go away. I would put my ring back on and the rash would return immediately. I cleaned my ring with normal jewelry cleaner waited a few days and put the ring back on… and the rash would come back. I changed my soap. Didn’t wear it in the shower or while I slept. It didn’t matter; any time I put my ring on, the rash would come back. This continued for a few weeks. It was so frustrating! I began to think I had developed allergies to my wedding ring!

I was desperate for a solution. And a little embarrassed since I thought I was a freak. Turns out… every girl I talked to about this (ok, so maybe I only talked to 3-5 girls. Statistics aren’t important right now.) has had a similar issue with their wedding ring.  Maybe I wasn’t a weirdo. So I was on a quest to find a solution. Where did I turn? Yes, the trusty Internet. Evidently a gazillion other women were having this problem as there were a gazillion forums with people seeking answers. There was one solution in particular that seemed to be tried and true for so many people as “the cure” for their ring finger rash. At this point, I was willing to try anything! And I did. And it worked! Here is the miracle solution:

Hydrogen Peroxide and White Vinegar + Boiling your ring = No rash.

Yes, I was skeptical at first… downright scared even.  But I am so glad I gave it a shot.


Step 1:

Fill a bowl with 1/2 cup white vinegar and 1/4 hydrogen peroxide.


Step 2:

Soak ring for approximately 30-45 minutes. Soaking longer won’t hurt it… some women said they soaked it overnight.


You can immediately see bubbles coming out of the ring. Bubbles = killing cells. You don’t get the bubble reaction from non-living objects like dirt or oil. But that explanation is a whole other blog topic… and would be best suited for someone who knows a thing or two about chemistry.


Step 3:

Brush ring with a jewelry brush. Or, like me, use ghetto-fied jewelry brush also known as a toothbrush.


Step 4:

Boil ring in water for 20 minutes.

I tied a piece of string (or jute) around my ring and then tied it to a skewer. I’m one of those wacky people that was paranoid to boil my ring. I knew the temperature wasn’t going to hurt it… but the bouncing around against the pan was more than I could bare. haha So I came up with this solution:


Put ring in boiling water. Take that any bacteria that could have survived the hydrogen peroxide!


When done, dry on a paper towel. Enjoy your ring again! It won’t be giving you a rash anymore!

You are supposed to do this process every other month as a precautionary measure… however, I never did it again. It took about 10 months for the rash to come back. When I saw the first signs of a rash… I did this process again and it immediately cleared up. Not too shabby for a simple home remedy that actually works!

Just thought I would pass along this information. You might need it one day… 😉


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  • Megan B

    I will try this tomorrow! Did you need to put any itch cream on your finger before boiling your rings? Did you wait for the rash to completely go away before boiling them? I’m nervous but desperate to stop the itch and wear my wedding rings again!

  • MickiMichele

    I had to have my wedding set cut off last week, due to the swelling and blisters. Ladies DO NOT go to the emergency room to have your ring removed unless you finger is blue and cool. Call your local jewelry stores, a lot of them have a device that will carefully cut through the band and they can remove the ring and then repair it. They did not charge me for removing the ring at all. ANY charge would have been cheaper than the emergency room. I elevated and iced my hand, and tried the string and elastic trick from the youtube videos, due to the way my ring was made, it would not slip off, it just irritated the finger more and increased my swelling. If your ring is just swollen from some injury the string trick may work for you. It all started when my finger became itchy and swollen and I thought had been bitten by mosquitoes so I assumed it was that due to how bad it itched, then the blisters showed up, so I started trying to remove my ring. Sure wished I had read this post sooner. Have put both of my rings in the solution and you should see the bubbles. Taking my ring back to the jeweler today to be repaired. Will be doing this from here on out. Thank you Melissa Marie. FYI, that ring has only been off my hand once when hubby asked for it for a surprise at our 5 year anniversary. He replaced my original stone with a larger one and had the rings fused together, since they fit together. That was 10+ years ago. 10 years= lots of ick under there. Should also had the rings sized bigger said the jeweler, a few years ago. Not a huge expense and would have save them from cutting it off possibly.

  • http://www.tamarascamera.com Tamara

    I am trying this TODAY – I’ve been married almost 25 years and just started having this awful problem :(

  • jane

    amazing thanks :-)

  • Lauren

    My rings are boiling now – just like you suggested, on strings on a skewer. :) I am very optimistic this will fix this rash issues. Thanks so much! (I’ve been wearing platinum rings for nearly 20 years and problem just started a month or so ago. Thinking the move back to Northern California may have prompted the problems/bacteria.) So nice of you to share how you fixed everything – and you do so as clearly as one could with photos and very explicit descriptions! Thanks again!

  • Anthony Jazzy McSnazzy Nguyen


    it turns out that vinegar can actually damage jewelry! I tried this and soaked it for 5-6 hrs and now my favorite sterling silver ring is tarnished! Do your research! There are other solutions out there!

  • Zalona

    Very inspiring blog and amazing post! Keep up the great work and don’t ever stop! I’m a fan!!! :)



  • Jamie

    Took the finish off my ring. Now like a lump of charcoal

    • Chrissy

      what was your ring made of hun?

  • Chrissy

    I have this and I am desperate to fix it!! The hydrogen peroxide is all different percentages- can anyone advise what percent to go for as I’m worried about damaging my rings – thanks

  • Shaliwhite

    I just dont understand! I got ky engagement ring in white gold a few months ago, git crazy rash! As i al allergic to nickel They then tried coating it in platinum but still got v sore rash! I finally found this post and boom! It worked, and i didnt even have peroxide so just soaked ring in vinegar for 10 mins then a cup of boiling water. The thing I dont get is why i get this bacteria build thingy with this ring but have never had it with any of my silver rings that i have worn for years!
    How can this be? Xx

  • kp

    This ruined my rings. I had a ring with multiple stones, one of which might have been coral. The acid completely eroded the stone. I’ve had that ring for 15 years and now it is ruined. Make sure you look into the specifics of your ring- metal types and stones types and how they are set.

  • LovinLife

    Just finished the process and was surprised to see tiny dark specks of debris on the bottom of the pan. Thank you for such a useful and real solution.

  • LovinLife

    PS: They sparkle like new – again many thanks for the common sense.

  • Dante M.

    Just wanted to say this actually worked for me! I got my white gold grooved engagement ring with a baguette diamond last year, and about a couple months in I started to get a gnarly rash. I took it back to my jewelry to get it cleaned and still go the rash. I found and tried this remedy 6 months ago and am just now starting to see signs of irritation again. A great home remedy for ring clinging! (Photo cred by our wedding photographer Mallory Dawn Photography http://www.mallorydawn.com)

    • SapphireVirgo

      Soak in DENTURE TABLETS & water, soak over night and In the am it will sparkle like new

  • Patricia

    I was freaking out as I just bought this beautiful emerald and silver ring and it started itching after a week. I’ve worn other ri go on the same finger without a problem. I will try the solution above and the hydrocortisone from the dermatologists daughter to calm down the itching and redness. Thanks for this post and I hope to be wearing my ring again soon.

    • SapphireVirgo

      Soak your rings in the DENTURE TABLETS & water, leave overnight and the next morning They will be sparkling

  • Desiree Dozier

    I hope this finds you but you have saved me at least $80. Until i read this post i had planned to go to dermatologist, my finger is healing & i can wear my ring again! Forever grateful

  • http://www.voguecrafts.com Anika Pathak

    Wowww ! its wonderful information. Also know about silver ring and why man and women like silver ring https://voguecrafts.wordpress.com/2016/01/09/why-buy-rings-from-a-silver-rings-supplier/ :)

  • Haley Verrett

    My husband has had this problem and thanks to this post I have done this twice in about a year and a half! Completley cures the ugly ring rash! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hated him not being able to wear his ring :)

  • jtd

    The fact that the rings fuzz in peroxide makes me cringe- to think GERMS are on rings- so many people wear rings and prep and serve food- I guess washing hands is not enough to clean rings!

    • SapphireVirgo

      Soak your rings in DENTURE TABLETS (that clean dentures) in the morning rinse with water& toothbrush, IT SPARKLES LIKE A DIAMOND

  • Samantha Davis

    Hi Melissa. I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing this information. I have not been able to wear my wedding rings for almost two months. I found your post on line and decided to try it. It worked and I am so happy to,be able to wear my rings again. I missed wearing them as they have been on my finger for twenty-five years. Your the best!!!!!😀

  • Nastassja

    Hi just want to find out how strong does the hydrogen peroxide have to be. I see you get strength 1 to 4

  • Me

    I’ve had my current wedding ring since 2005 and recently like the last 2years my finger would itch like H3ll, so like the article I stopped wearing it daily I mean the ring don’t make you more or less married. Every blue moon when we go out I would put my ring on and sure enough instant itch well by mistake I dropped my ring in the cap while cleaning my sons wound and it began to bubble. It scared the mess out of me! I thought to myself girl you nasty. All this time I thought I was keeping my beautiful ring clean turns out it was shinny & disgusting!!!! I ended up taking it out putting it in a shot glass so the entire ring could be submerged it looked like 1000’s of bubbles just covered my ring and things started floating out of it. I didn’t use vinegar or hot water but will be using this method next time, but ever since my finger hasn’t itched nor broke out! Best mistake I’ve made.