Life is great on the prairie!

My name is Melissa and I live in a beautiful little homestead on the prairie with a white picket fence and a wood garage door in Wichita, KS. I live here with my little girl and boy, the two most wonderful gifts I have ever received. My husband is in the military and while he is away, I spend my days being a mother to my children and using my homemaker skills to contribute to the community.

You see, my husband is always deployed. As a military man, I understand his various responsibilities. As such, I do my best to keep myself busy and be unlike other wives who just mope about. I try to do what I can to contribute to the community where I grew up and where I want my kids to grow up as well. As a mom, I want to inspire them to become productive members of the community and I try to do as much as I can to lead by example.

In this blogsite, I chronicle my regular activities as a wife, mom and homemaker. I love sharing the little things that I do as a way of contributing to society and at the same time, to hopefully engage and interact with you. I hope that you get some kind of inspiration in my crafting, cooking and baking activities. I put all of my efforts in doing this so feel free to contact me via the Contact Me page.

In this blogsite, you will have access to the following:

My cooking

In this tab, you can access all the food and food creations that I have done. I love experimenting with my cooking and baking. Thankfully, they usually turn out really great, if I may say so myself. Haha. But honestly, I get really good reviews from my family, neighbors and the other members of my community to whom I usually share all the food that I create. I hope that you will like the things that I have posted in this tab and that you will try to create them yourself.

My crafts

I am engaged in a lot of little crafts. I do a bit of painting (although they are not really that great), I work on doilies, I knit, I do arts and crafts. You can say that I have my hand in a lot of cookie jars. And that means a lot. So I tried to document all of my activities and share them with you in the hopes that you will get inspired by it as well. I hope that you will get to like all of my little projects.

With that, I really have to thank you for visiting my website and looking through it, at my cooking and baking projects as well as at my crafts. I would love it if you will leave me messages or contact me so that we can engage with each other. Who knows, we might become a big community someday!