Nursing Pillow Tutorial

Ok, so I PROMISE this is the last post pertaining to a donut and a pillow. I’m getting just as tired of posting donut pictures as you are seeing them. haha Keep in mind you can be as creative as you want with this pillow… it doesn’t have to be a donut. But why wouldn’t you want it to be? 😉

So here’s how it happened:

As I was making my giant donut pillow… the wheels in my head started to turn. It  all started when I was joking around that my pillow was so big that I could probably put it over my head and fit into it like a swimming ring. Of course that was an exaggeration considering my big ol’ pregnant belly, but I thought: Wouldn’t that make a great nursing pillow?!

Why, yes. YES IT WOULD.

What started out as a joke, turned serious. Very serious. 😉

I couldn’t think of a better nursing pillow than to look like you are sitting in the middle of a donut while you nurse. haha

And since I didn’t have a nursing pillow, and wasn’t exactly thrilled when I found out how much store-bought nursing pillows cost (hello! it’s just a giant U shaped pillow! It’s not nice charging pregnant women an arm and a leg for a pillow just because we’ll buy it because we think can’t live without it!) I was inclined to make my own anyway.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Dark Brown Fleece or Felt Fabric: 1 yards, 58″ wide

(I chose to use fleece fabric instead of felt because I wanted to use a soft fabric.)

Pink Fleece or Felt Fabric: 1 yard, 58″ wide

Multi-color Fleece or Felt Fabric: 1/4 yard each

(You can grab felt rectangles at any craft store or get it by the yard, your choice)

Sewing Machine

Thread to match fabric

24 ounces of Poly Stuffing

Lets make a nursing pillow:

Step 1:

Start with the brown fabric.

Fold fabric to create two layers. Use your pins to create a visual “pattern”. Form a giant “U” with the ends of the U being wider and more circular. Err on pinning the “U” too large. We can always cut it down.

Step 2:

Cut outside the pins. Fold the U over long-ways to match up the ends. You can cut them down to make sure both sides are symmetrical.

Step 3:

1: Sew around the outer edge of the U.

2. Leave an opening for the stuffing.

3. Stuff, stuff, stuff away! Hand sew the opening closed.

4. Place stuffed U on top of pink fabric and cut out a curvy U to simulate icing.

Step 4:

Zig zag stitch around the outer edge of the pink fabric to give the ends a fray-free finished look.

Step 5:

Cut out sprinkles out of your multi-colored felt pieces. Arrange them on the pink fabric and pin them down.

Step 6:

Whip stitch the sprinkles on. And then, whip stitch the pink fabric onto the brown U.

And you have completed a nursing pillow!

My nephew, Owen, will be modeling the finished product…


Aside from using it to nurse, it is great to prop them up as a little pillow when they get a little older.

And, judging from the picture below, the fleece nursing pillow is snuggly enough to fall asleep in!

And there you have it! A nursing pillow!

It is literally half of the donut pillow… if you need more detailed instruction… view the donut tutorial.

Happy Sewing!

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