Mosaic Monday: Red and Aqua Retro Kitchen

I lose my marbles for vintage kitchens… and (WARNING! Big shocker about to be revealed!!) I particularly lose my marbles for RED retro kitchens! 😀 I can’t help but think that aqua is the perfect combination with red… it is fresh, fun and completely vintagey.

For my Mosaic Monday, hosted by Little Red House… I was rather inspired to put together a retro kitchen mosaic:

Click on image to enlarge.

Is anyone else losing their cotton pickin’ marbles for open cupboards/cabinets without doors?
And does anyone else (besides me) lose their mind for Bob’s Big Boy?? I don’t know what the secret is in their hamburger sauce (although I have my suspicions…) but I am pretty certain that it was kissed by angels themselves.

Happy Monday!!

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