Melissa's 30 Favorite Things BIGGO Giveaway!


I have a giveaway for y’all and I am just so excited about it!

A few weeks before my birthday I decided I wanted to celebrate in an unique way.

I wanted to have a reverse birthday, where I give gifts rather than receive gifts.

Don’t nominate me for sainthood just yet…my family and husband gave me birthday presents anyway. And I couldn’t exactly turn them down! (read: didn’t want to turn them down!) haha!

But I still wanted to have a big ol’ giveaway!

And I just had so much fun putting this all together!

In honor of me officially joining the Old Hen’s club, I present to you…


And! Because I turned 30 (!!!!) I am giving away 30 (Yes! THIRTY!) of my favorite things!

My original plan was to have one person win a biggo giveaway…but I decided it would be more fun to split it up between 3 winners.  So I am giving away THREE bundles of my absolute favorite things.

I will randomly pull three names to win each of the giveaways.

Without further ado…




#1  A Ruffle Apron

If you have followed my blog for a while then you know that I love, love, love ruffle aprons!

It all began a few years ago (read about it here) when I thought I had made up this fantastic idea! haha! Little did I know that they were being sold all over etsy and in stores like Anthropologie! Silly me. But it didn’t stop me from making them anyway. I just love how feminine they are with the ruffles! And you the pattern combinations are endless!




Not to mention that the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! I love patriotic colors!

I love polka dots, gingham and anchors (which remind me of Jon, haha).

So what better combination, than fun patriotic prints?!



Definitely one of my most favorite aprons that I have made to date!




#2  Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Jam

This is the only jam that I will eat on toast or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Not that I don’t like other jams, I do. But Knott’s Boysenberry Jam is that good. It has been my favorite jam since I was a child. I got a big ol news flash when I moved to Texas: They don’t sell this jam in most other states! WHAT!? Needless to say, I would stock up on my trips to California and bring it home with me! If you haven’t tried this, then you are in for a real treat!



#3  Swan Creek Candle Co.

My sister introduced me to Swan Creek Candle Co. candles a few years ago.

Oh. My. Word. THE BEST.

Have you ever been inside a really cute crafty antique store and they have some sort of yummy aroma filling the air? No matter what candle you buy, you can never quite replicate it. Well, ding, ding, ding!!! We have found ourselves a winner! This candle smells exactly like one of those yummy shops! My favorites are Carmalized Pralines, Warm Cinnamon Buns, Vanilla Pound Cake and Cinnamon Glazed Streusel. I have so many more scents to try though…I have never been disappointed yet!

I am giving away a Cinnamon Glazed Streusel!

25 hours of burning time and 100% American Soybean Wax!



#4  Mrs. Dunwoody’s Excellent Instructions for Homekeeping

I lose my marbles for this book.

I seriously read it once a year.

The cover reads, “Timeless Wisdom and Practical Advice”. That couldn’t be more true. This book transports you to another time… a time where homekeeping was an art and something to take pride in.

Chapter titles: The Art of Homekeeping, The Cares of House and Home, Miss Sallie Anne’s Splendid Directions for Laundry, Notes and Recipes for the Kithcen, The Art of Entertaining, Matters of Formality, Health and Beauty, Marriage and Family, The Garden, Final Remarks, A Treasury of Memories and Useful Information.



There is such wisdom in this book. It is like sitting down and listening to your Grandmother reveal a lifetime’s accumulation of tips and secrets. It is this experience and wisdom that has you hanging onto and absorbing every word off of her lips. By the end of the book, you don’t want your daily time with Mrs. Dunwoody to end.

As the author writes: “Truly, these notes are not simply about housekeeping tips and advice; they are also concerned with and encourage us in the larger issues of life. They act as a road map leading us to a more considered and meaningful life through nurturing a family and home, living respectfully, and passing on the legacy of love, hope, joy and compassion to those around us.”

A perfect summation and a must read.


#5 Pretty Kitchen Towels

My favorite room in my house is my kitchen. I love to cook, I love to bake…and I love to eat! haha!

Since I spend so much time in my kitchen, I love to be surrounded by pretty things that make me happy.

One of the easiest ways to add a little pretty while maintaining kitchen practicality is through kitchen towels.

It is undeniable that I lose my cotton pickin marbles for red gingham. I always have.

But why stop there? haha


I added a burst of yellow through rick rack and daisy trim.
It’s fun, it’s summery and it just plain ol’ makes me happy.

#6 Red and White Polka Dot Cards

I love having extra CUTE blank cards on hand.

And I love receiving handwritten notes and cards.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the convenience of email and Facebook, but there is just something so special about someone taking the time to snail mail you something.



#7 Once-A-Month Cooking Cookbook

A cookbook for everyone who doesn’t “have time” to make dinner.

This cookbook is arranged in two 1-month cycles, two 2-week cycles and 3 specialty cycles.

You pretty much do all of your “cycle” shopping at once, prepare the food the next day and freeze/refrigerate according to the recipes. With a month worth of meals already planned, all you have to do is a few simple preparations (such as baking prepared meal or adding fresh vegetables). Perfect for busy lives!



And the thought of only going to the grocery store once a month has me singing songs of praise!
I can do the farmer’s market weekly…that is actually enjoyable.
But a book that gives me a month’s worth of recipes and provides a grocery list and directions for storage?
Yes, please!
What a great idea for after having a baby or when someone is sick. It’s always nice to drop by several meals that can be put in the freezer and used at their convenience!

#8 A Crocheted Plarn Bag

Plarn = Plastic Yarn.

And what a fantastic way to use up all of those plastic grocery bags you bring home!

I usually crochet white plastic bags, but am loving the way the bag turned out with brown plastic bags.

Thank you, Albertsons, for changing the colors of your bags.

From a distance, it almost looks like a brown wicker tote.

It is a perfect summer bag!

Take it to the beach and when you get home, just wash out the sand with water. (Even the hose!)

Take it to the Farmer’s Market to get your vegetables and fruit.

Use it for your diaper bag.

It’s so versatile, the possibilities are endless!



It is so sturdy and so easy to clean.
I just love crocheted plarn bags! I use mine all of the time!

#9 Pretty Clothespins

I love using clothespins for everything in my kitchen!

Who needs those plastic clamps to close bags when you have pretty clothespins?

I clamp them on bread, chips, salad bags, brown sugar bags…not to mention to keep my spot in recipe books or to hold recipe cards onto my recipe book stand. There are a gazillion uses for them.



#10 Watermelon and Fireflies E-book by Aunt Ruthie


Repeat. LOVE this e-book.

#1 It is by Aunt Ruthie from Sugar Pie Farmhouse.

That being said, you can automatically be assured that it is going to be jam packed with adorable vintage images, encouraging words and great ideas for making a home that is full of summer fun and memories.



It is filled to the brim with colorful pages featuring summer activity inspiration, recipes and stories.
It leaves you wanting to make the most the summertime season, filling your home with all of the joys that only summer can bring. For a further sneak peek of  what is inside, you can find it on the Sugar Pie Farmhouse blog.
This giveaway is for a professionally printed and bound copy of this E-book!
AND! Aunt Ruthie was gracious enough to sign a note to be included with this giveaway copy!
And now for the second giveaway bundle!

#1 Sweet Magnolia Farm Paper Flower Pen

I’m a sucker for flower pens. And an even bigger sucker for paper flowers! I had made a bunch of paper flowers for centerpieces at my sister’s anniversary party, so I know the love required to make one.
That being said, when I saw these flower pens made by Sweet Magnolia Flower Farm, I had such an appreciation for them! I just thought they were beautiful! Who wouldn’t want to pull this pen out to write with?
I might even start writing more as an excuse to use this pen!
They have such a cute etsy shop, too! I’ve been following their blog for a while and had the pleasure of visiting their booth at the Vintage marketplace two weekends ago (more to come on that). It was one of my favorites! Just adorable!

#2 Keep Smiling and Love Life Card Set

As I’ve mentioned before, you can’t have enough cute blank cards on hand. And I just love this saying. A joyful smile makes a face beautiful and you’d be surprised how much more positive you feel when you choose to smile.


#3 Solo Devotional

This has been one of my most favorite devotionals to date. It is The Message version with Bible passages on one side and the devotion on the next page. This study is unique as it revolves around lectio divina, or “divine reading,” an ancient approach to exploring Scripture. Each devotion delivers a unique, contemplative study that will encourage you to read, think, pray and live. As further explain by the back cover:

Read: Uncover biblical wisdom and revelations as you learn to read without the typical limitations that often cut Bible reading short.
Think: Immerse yourself in the passage as you place yourself in the story or meditate on words and phrases.
Pray: Connect with him through listening prayer and praise as you encounter new ways to communicate with God.
Live: Rest, reflect, or do as you discover how to take the Word with you throughout the day.


This devotion is easy to understand yet challenges you to digest and apply the knowledge you gain to every day life. It leaves you contemplating and encourages you to develop your prayer relationship with God.
I have just loved using this devotion as a tool to draw nearer to God. I’m certain you will have much to gain from it, too.

#4 and #5 Coconut Body Wash and Lotion

It is always around May to June that I start really getting in the mood for summer. One of my favorite things is transitioning into summer scents. And what could be more summer-y than coconut?? Bath and Body Works has a delicious scented Coconut body wash and lotion that scream beach getaway.


#6 Coconut Shea Butter Soap
And just as much as the delicious coconut scent, I love me some Shea Butter! It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smooth, which is essential after a day in the sun!

#7 Caribbean Escape Car Freshener

My sister gave me a Bath and Body Works car freshener to try and it is just amazing! You just clip it on your visor and your car is filled with a yummy scent. I loved the red and white clip on (so summery and patriotic! win, win!), which comes with Pink Sangria scent but Caribbean Escape is my favorite scent. So you get two refills of that, too! 😉



#8 Dr. Pepper Biggy Lip Smackers

I have been using this since high school. Lip Smackers never gets old. And with Dr. Pepper being my favorite soda, there is really nothing better. I absolutely love the way this goes on, and I have to put it on before bed (in an OCD kind of way haha) so my lips feel nice and moisturized. (whether my lips are actually being moisturized is another story… it just makes them feel moisturized. haha) I do not go a day without this.

#9 Pretty Flower Hair Clip

Summer is all about accessorizing to me. Somehow the summertime just accentuates your natural glowing beauty. You can get away with wearing minimal makeup and go for the “dewy” look, which couldn’t be finished more perfectly than with a flower in your hair. This cute H&M flower clip goes with every summer outfit and is just so sweet!


#10 Blue and White Flow-y Scarf

Scarves aren’t just for winter time! I love the look of a light, breezy summer scarf! Perfect for a summer evening or lunch in the cool ocean breeze. It is such an easy accessory that gives a finishing touch to an outfit! I particularly love the blue and white gingham-ish print on this scarf. It has an almost nautical feel.
Last, but not least…
If there are two things that I love it is the 4th of July and cute party decor. This giveaway is all about that! The winner will be well on their way to creating a festive 4th of July celebration, whether for a party or dessert under fireworks with family.

#1 Red, White and Blue Pennants

Pennants may very well be my favorite party decor piece. They just scream fun and festivity!
All of the fabric patterns are red, white and blue… from gingham to polka dots to anchors and stripes.
They were sewn with lots of love by yours truly. 😉

#2 Red & White and Blue & White Paper Straws

EEEK! These are so cute I can hardly stand it!!
I just want to go stick this in a biggo mason jar of sweet tea! And they make beautiful table decor!

#3 Blue and White Stripe Goodie Bags

Everybody loves a party favor! Fill ‘er up with good ol’ American goodies…
A bag full of shelled peanuts.
Candy or popcorn.
Squirt guns and jacks.
The possibilities are endless.

#4 Patriotic Sprinkles

Dress up your cupcakes, cookies and cakes with some red, white and blue!
Four different varieties of sprinkle!

#5 Flag Picks

Show your American pride with these flags… on cupcakes, on cheese and appetizers or on sandwiches! It’s an easy way to make a table full of festivity and spirit!

#6 Funfetti Cake Mix and Icing

“I’ve never met a box cake mix that I didn’t like” – Paula Deen
Amen! Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go.
It wouldn’t be a holiday without the amazing funfetti cupcakes!

#7 Red, White and Blue Cupcake Liners

I am absolutely in LOVE with these cupcake liners.
They just make me as happy as a gopher in soft dirt!
You’ll get:
Red and White Gingham
Blue and White Gingham
Red and White Stripe
Blue and White Strip
Red and White Polka Dot
Blue and White Polka Dot

#8 Star Cut Outs

Fondant star cut outs are the perfect size to cut pie crust!
You’ll surely be the talk of the picnic with a beautiful star topped pie!
As seen here… on top of a Cherry Blueberry Pie! My favorite!
Get the recipe here.

#9 Red and White Polka Dot Napkins

If you’re going to have napkins on the table, they might as well be an adorable red and white polka dot!
When I saw these, I swooned. And immediately put them in the cart. haha

#10 Vintage Inspired Airplane Note Cards

It would be impossible to complete a list of my “favorite things” without including something aviation related!
I just about lost my marbles when I saw these cute note cards!!
You write your note and then fold it into a paper airplane before tucking it away into the envelope!
Can you imagine a paper airplane arriving via snail mail in your mailbox?
And just look at these papers! Maps! Airplanes! Airmail! Oh my!
I’m just giddy with delight!
Make someone’s day and send them one of these!
Phew!! That was THIRTY of my favorite things!
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Good Luck y’all!

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