In the blogLight: 11th Edition

Welcome to the 11th Edition of In the blogLight!



“Blog Sugar is a faith centered blogging event who’s foundational purposes is to inspire bloggers to create the best blog they can.  We strive to help bloggers grow, think outside the box and inspire others through the unique passions and talents the Lord has gifted them.” – Purpose statement from blog sugar website.

As soon as this blogging event was announced, I wanted to go.

The event is in Southern California…

a reasonable drive for me.

It has an amazingly inspiring speaker line up.

It is centered around faith and blogging.

Yes and yes.

This event is something I really would enjoy.

I had every reason to go.


I have never been to a blogging conference.

And my blog isn’t all ginormous.

And I am a scaredy cat to go alone.


I was on the verge of getting my ticket for what seemed like months.

And time was running out…the registration was going to close soon.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I did what any other scaredy cat would do.

I talked my sister into going with me.


We got our tickets! And I am so excited to go!


♥   ♥   ♥

Part of me can’t help but think, if my sister wouldn’t have decided to go too… and I had no one else to go with, I might not have bought a ticket. The registration period would have come and gone, and I would have been so disappointed that I didn’t just suck it up and go alone. It’s not that I’m uncomfortable with myself being alone, it’s the awkwardness of everyone else being with someone they know.

Of course a bad past experience of attending a conference alone didn’t help the situation. haha

I can laugh about it now.

But at the time, I just wanted to cry.

I wanted to find a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and go eat it in a bathroom stall. haha

Here’s the jist of what happened: I wanted to go to this church’s women’s conference SO bad, but I had just moved to a new city, in a new state and didn’t know a soul. I talked myself into going. Not one person talked to me. Which was fine. I wasn’t about to go up to a group of a ladies laughing together at their inside jokes, so I sat by myself. I was fine just hearing the speaker talk. That is, until she asked all of the people “who had the courage to come by themselves to stand up”.

Surely, there were lots of us.


There were like 10 of us scattered around a room of a couple thousand.

I know she sincerely had good intentions to applaud our craziness courage to come alone. But after the unison “awww” and a courtesy clap, the second I sat down, I was the target of pity and sympathy and forced sincerity.

A hug or two {and even a few shoulder squeezes} from everyone who was seated around me, everyone who made no previous effort to even give me a smile.

And worse, pity questions like “why I wasn’t with my friends?”.

Thank you for pointing me out when I was trying to blend in.


Need. Peanut. Butter. and. Jelly. Sandwich. Want to go to a bathroom stall and cry. haha

I almost didn’t go to day 2 of the conference. But I was so fueled by embarrassment, that I had to prove to myself that I could.

And I did.

(Now is the time for a round of applause.)

I thought, surely, if I am enduring something so difficult and challenging for me, God must have me here for a reason. Something life changing most definitely will take place.


As I drove home from day 2, I wished I would have just waited for the conference to come out on DVD. I enjoyed the message. I may have enjoyed it more from my couch. At home. Where I am sure to fit in and feel comfortable.

But that would have been in my comfort zone and for some reason that is not where God likes me to be.

If there was anything that I did learn, it was that going to a social event alone is HARD. And this fear of feeling awkward or uncomfortable keeps so many of us from experiencing things we would actually really enjoy.

That is, if we had a friend going too. Am I wrong?

Maybe you are that person.

And you saw the Blog Sugar registration come and go.

It closed.

You don’t have a ticket.

But it doesn’t matter because you didn’t have anyone to go with anyway.

You wish you did, but you didn’t.

Boy, are you are in luck!

They are opening registration again for TODAY ONLY!

I don’t care if I’ve never met you.

I don’t care if you’ve never commented on my blog before.

I don’t even care if you are even a reader of my blog.

Or if you came out of the woodwork.

Or under a rock.

If you want to go, but are being held back because you don’t want to go alone…


I will be your friend.

Emily will be your friend.

You have two friends going now.

We’ll all do this together.

All of us homebodies and social phobes.  😉

We can meet and go together.

I’m not just saying that either.



Get your ticket.

Great things are going to happen and you are not going to miss it!

Maybe this could be your answered prayer.

A “sign” that you should be there.

A squash to your excuses.

An opportunity that doesn’t come around everyday.

Need more convincing?

Check out who is all going:


Lots of other remarkable women.

All of whom seem like really great people!

People that won’t “awww” at us or make us want a PB&J. 😉

It is going to be a hoot.

So what are you waiting for?


See you at blog sugar!







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