DIY Weather-Proof Halloween Pennants



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Pennants are a really festive {and inexpensive} way to decorate for Halloween. There is nothing cuter than a welcoming porch decorated with pumpkins and pennants.

The problem:

Most pennants are made with fabric or paper…not exactly the best materials to hold up against the elements. Here is an easy DIY way to make weather-proof (except maybe strong wind) pennants for under $10.

Start withย 2 vinyl tablecloths. I got mine for $2.50 each at Big Lots!


Fold the table cloth in half.


Cut a triangle… any size that you desire. Because the tablecloth was folded, you should have two matching triangles.


Use the first triangle as a pattern for the rest.

They don’t have to be perfect… sometimes a little wonky can be spooky. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Cut out as many triangles as you will need for the desired length of the pennants. Arrange them how you would like to display.



Sew a straight line across the top with just enough edge to pinking sheer the edge.


Single straight line.


Sew another straight line an inch away from the first and continue down the edges to make a triangle. By leaving a gap between the two straight lines, you are allowing enough space for a rope to slide through.

Pinking sheer the edges.


Knot the rope in a loop at the end for easy hanging.


Slide the rope through each flag. Tip: Attach a safety pin at the end of the free rope to make sliding through the flags easier.


When the rope comes out the last flag, knot it into a loop as well.


You are ready to hang it up!


You can display it indoors or outdoors.

The vinyl material will tolerate rain and will wipe off dust easily. Because the pennants are double sided, when the wind blows you will see a pattern instead of the backside of pennants.

This is such an easy project; You really don’t need advanced sewing skills to make it. And for under $10? You can’t afford not to make it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy Halloween!

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