Giant Donut Pillow Tutorial

Doesn’t everyone want a donut pillow? Or am I just taking my love for donuts a little too far?

Whether you are a beginner level seamstress or perhaps you don’t sew at all, this is a project anyone can do.

My best piece of advice is to not get intimidated by the sewing aspect of it. The beauty of the donut pillow is the whimsy of it… perfection is not required. In fact, a little wonky-ness adds character. 😉 We won’t be working with a set pattern, so feel free to adjust the size according to your sweet preference.

What you will need:

Dark Brown Fleece or Felt Fabric: 2 yards, 58″ wide

(I chose to use fleece fabric instead of felt because I wanted to use a soft fabric.)

Pink Fleece or Felt Fabric: 1 yard, 58″ wide

Multi-color Fleece or Felt Fabric: 1/4 yard each

(You can grab felt rectangles at any craft store or get it by the yard, your choice)

Sewing Machine

Thread to match fabric

48 ounces of Poly Stuffing

Lets make a donut:

Start with the brown fabric.

Fold fabric to create two layers. Use your pins to create a visual “pattern”.

Make your inner circle smaller than what you want the final outcome to be.

Remember, this is just our guide; we will adjust the size later in th project.

Cut out the outer circle. Again, err on the circle being too large. You can always cut down the size.

Now cut out the inner circle on the inside of the pins.

Time to sew!

Sew the outer circle, leaving an opening the size of your hand to fill with stuffing.

DO NOT sew inner circle.

Remove pins from the inner circle.

Now, flip inside-out through opening.

Lay fabric flat again and re-pin, adjust size if needed and cut inner circle to the desired size.

Back to sewing.

Select the zig zag setting and sew the very edge of the fabric.

It will give the inner circle a finished edge.

Now stuff, stuff, stuff away!

Hand stitch the opening closed.

Now, lay the pink fabric flat and place the donut on top of it.

Cut a circle around the donut, erring on being too big.

Don’t worry about cutting the circle perfectly; in fact, the more wonky you cut it, the more it will look like frosting.

Next, lay the pink fabric on top and pin it closed if needed.

Repeat fitting and cutting the inner circle.

(Optional: Sew a Zig Zag edge on the both the inner and outer circle to give it a finished look. I recommend doing it, although it is a little more time consuming.)

With all of your sprinkle colors, cut long, skinny rectangles… as many as you want.

I used red, pink, yellow, orange, green and white.

Place them around your fabric, getting the look you desire.

Now comes the tedious part. (and tedious is an understatement)

Pin the sprinkles to the pink fabric.

…And sew them on. Using a sewing machine is the quickest way… and they don’t  have to be perfect.

Now we are going to put the frosting on the donut. :)

Lay the pink, sprinkled fabric on top of the donut and pin it down.

Hand stitch the frosting on with either a blanket stitch or a whip stitch.

This is a blanket stitch.

Find a great blanket stitch tutorial here.

This is a whip stitch.

Find a great whip stitch tutorial here.

I used a whip stitch since it is quick and easy.

If you want a more decorative look the blanket stitch is the way to go.

Whip stitch the inside and outside circles and you have yourself a donut pillow!

It is great for decoration…

Or to put a Peanut in.

Have fun with your new donut!

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