Day 12 Wednesday

It was another early running day for us.

Today was the most challenging day yet for me. It was hot, the sun was blaring and I just wanted to stop.

But we pushed through.

Layla fell asleep almost the entire time.

She was awoken with a big splash…

I couldn’t WAIT to get in that water.

Fortunately for us, we were pretty much the only ones there.


We completely ran through the water spouts. haha

It felt wonderful.

We came home, hung out with Amy for a little bit…and then got ready for the day.

Peanut enjoyed her bath. 😉

She hung out in her pack and play while I got ready.

All was going well until I started to dry my hair.

Oh my gosh.


For the first time ever, she just cried and screamed and wanted to be picked up immediately.

I turned the hair dryer off and she calmed down.

There was nothing I could do to make her see that it was ok.

You can only imagine what that meant for my hair. haha

It was most definitely going to be a hat day.

Layla was very pleased with that decision.

She thinks it is just hilarious to get up under the bill of my hat.

That face. :)

…and this one! haha

…they just keep getting better! 😉

We ran a few errands, then came home and hung out.

Layla was caught trying to turn the TV on. 😉

What’s wrong with this thing??

Those legs just crack me up!

She was a good girl today. :)

She always is.

She was ready to go to bed relatively early tonight…and I’m about to follow right behind her. 😉

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