Wishful Thinking...and Some Birthday Fun

Its my birthday and I’ll collage if I want to…

Hi my name is Melissa and I am a Polyvore-aholic. If you haven’t been to the Polyvore website or don’t know what I’m talking about…save yourself the trouble! Don’t even bother looking! You will become another addicted statistic… like myself. 😉 I might as well make some good come out of my habit, right? I will share my collages… remember my other “bad habit”…assigning themes to everything? haha… yeah, no escaping that either today. 😉

No surprise here… there is red and gingham and goodness all over the place. I incorporated a few “wish list” items… a red Kitchenaid (who doesn’t what that?! And if you already have one…LUCKY!), a Pee Wee Herman bike (don’t judge me 😉 haha), a daisy bouquet and, of course, a donut!

I love all things Texas and all things western. You probably couldn’t tell from my last tablescape, right? 😉 I am kind of losing my mind for gingham shirt dresses. How cute would one be with a pair of boots? And red ranunculus? Melt my heart. And goodness me, I lose my marbles for turquoise jewelery. I will take a horse, too, please. 😉

Like I said in my I Love Summer Post… Cath Kidston has yet to design something that I don’t like… I have my eye on her floral print swimsuit. How feminine is that? And goodness gracious, do you see that umbrella?? Oh…I need a beach day soon! Just a day to relax with some magazines and a book…listening to the ocean and the sea gulls…ahhhh. Soon enough I tell you, soon enough. 😉
I hope y’all are having a terrific Thursday…I’m hoping to convince hubby to take me to see Up tonight! Wish me luck! :)

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