Welcome Baby Owen!

Baby Owen is here!

15 days early…

but right on time!

I got a call early yesterday morning that my sister, Jessica, was in labor… so I hopped in my car and headed down to Southern California!

5 hours of driving… and I finally arrived to see him!

8 lbs 6 oz and as healthy as can be.

If you ask me, I’d say he is just perfect. 😉

Jessica, her husband Bobby and baby Owen are still in the hospital until (hopefully) this afternoon… so more pictures will follow.

For the meantime, my niece and nephew–Ella and Luke–and I will be watching more Yo Gabba Gabba than I ever dreamed possible. (What a bizarre show… haha…what ever happened to good ol’ Sesame Street? With a green monster that lives in a trash can, a giant yellow bird who is taller than his elephant best friend and a blue, fuzzy monster that eats cookies all day…all brought to you by the letter T. And the Number 4. You know. Normal shows.)

Maybe we’ll even sneak outside today to enjoy the sunshine. 😉

Hooray for Baby Owen!

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