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How Huckleberry Prairie works:

Huckleberry Prairie is one blog divided into five categories:

Life on the Prairie
The Homestead
The Cookery
Boots and Bonnets
The Shop


Each category can be navigated to by clicking on the pennants.

The Main Page

The main page features a summation of each category, featuring the most recent posts on each. This makes it easy to see which posts you have not yet read.


On the main page, you will also find a information about the blog and about the author. In addition, there is a contact pennant that provides information regarding links to author’s/ Huckleberry Prairie email, Facebook and Twitter.


Feel free to contact me at any time. I love hearing reader comments, suggestions and just a friendly hello every now and then. :)

Now that we know how to get around, let’s see what we will find in each category!

Life on the Prairie:

Here you will find the daily happenings around my little life on the  prairie including my life as a military wife, homemaker, writer and self-proclaimed counselor 😉  with occasional commentaries, bible verses and devotions, the reading meeting book club and pretty much a hodge podge of “everything else.”



There is always something fun going on around Life on the Prairie!

The Homestead

Here you will find all things to inspire you to create a cozy, welcoming home! From DIY craft projects to links to decorative sites to party ideas to tablescapes. There is a little bit of every style… cottage, farmhouse, vintage, rustic, western and contemporary.


We love crafting at Huckleberry Prairie… and you find a shortage of it on The Homestead!

The Cookery

In need of some down home cookin’ and scrumptious treats? You’ve found the place. The Cookery shares recipes that are tried and true. Get out a fresh recipe card and get ready to discover your new family favorites!


Good food creates one happy home. :)

Boots and Bonnets

Here you will find Prairie fashion inspiration, beauty ideas and tips. From the latest styles and products to delightful accessories and make up. Prairie girls are feminine and fashionable…but also pride themselves on finding a good deal. Here on the prairie, we love to thrift, to bargain hunt and to find creative ways to be all dolled up.


Pretty Up!

The Shop

This is the General Store of Huckleberry Prairie. Here you will find all sorts of goodies… from handmade items to recommended reading. Each item is conveniently linked for you directly to the site that is selling it, be it Etsy, Amazon or directly from the product’s site. We hunt around the internet finding the cutest items and best prices to display in The Shop, so you don’t have to.


A little retail therapy never hurt anyone.

I hope our little tour around Huckleberry Prairie has you well acquainted with the site. There is so much more to see in the posts…you are more than welcome to look around a bit.

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11You will find the “subscribe box” on each page in Huckleberry Prairie.

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12You will find the “subscribe box” on each page in Huckleberry Prairie.

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There is nothing wrong with doing it the old fashioned way!

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A few fun extras:

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If you have any questions or comments, please email me at Have a blessed day!

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