Valentine's Candied Candy Canes


Candy Canes aren’t just for Christmas, ya know. They are pretty little treats for Valentine’s Day, too! Or, if you are like me and have too many left over candy canes from Christmas and hate to see things go to waste… you’ll find a good use for them. 😉 So we are going to give a little Valentine decoration to candy canes and put them to use.


What you will need:

Wilton’s Pink Candy Melts (You can find these at any craft store…Michaels, JoAnns, Hobby Lobby…or Walmart.)

Pink, red and white sprinkles

Candy Canes

Wax paper

Double Boiler (or make due with two sauce pans like me)

Let’s start!

Fill up the bottom sauce pan with water.

Turn the stove on medium heat.


Nice and steamy. Make sure NOT to get any water in the top sauce pan.


While things are heating up on the stove, unwrap the candy canes.


…and pour the sprinkles into a bowl.

While you are setting things up… set out a sheet of wax paper next to the sprinkles.

9Next, toss some of the Wilton’s Candy Melts into the top sauce pan.

Yeah, I clearly didn’t care about the visible water spots on the pan.

We like to keep it real at Huckleberry Prairie.

We’re all friends, right?



It won’t take long for it to melt. Continuously stir as the candy melts.


Once things are nice and melty, dip the “J” part of the candy cane into the pink gooeyness.


Get ready to dunk!

13Look at that candy cane in action!


The sprinkles should stick to the candy coating very easily.


Don’t these remind you of Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies??


These cookies were the treat of all treats growing up.

Not because they are that good…

but because they are pink with sprinkles.

…and perhaps because the ambiguous shapes left creative interpretation for which animal they might be.

and I had an overactive imagination.

So the circus animals and I got along just fine.

26But we’re talking about candy canes…

So make a mental note to add Circus Animals to your grocery list (Do they even make them anymore?!) and we’ll carry on like nothing ever happened.

Once the candy cane has been dunked, set it to dry on a sheet of wax paper.

You don’t have to add sprinkles to all of them.

As you can see… I left a few plain with just the candy coating.


But let’s be honest. The sprinkles are prettier.


I’m not a huge fan of peppermint…

so these are more for decoration until Jon gets his hands on them.

In other words, these should last around two days. haha

I’ve never met another person who loves candy canes as much as him.  Bless his heart. 😉

24A great way to display your cute Valentine candy canes… is to hang the  hook on a vase.

Then, leave them by the door for guests to take on their way out.

Or just leave them on the counter for a pretty little decoration.

Either way, it takes less than 5 minutes to make and they are full of Valentine spirit.

23…and with a little candy transformation, you hardly even remember their Christmas roots.

Even candies enjoy a little makeover every now and then.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  • Helen

    These are cute! Sadly are candy canes have been eaten up long ago;-) I love the idea though.

  • Helen

    These are cute! Sadly are candy canes have been eaten up long ago;-) I love the idea though.