Valentine Candy Cane Hearts


Yes. Another candy cane craft for Valentine’s Day.

Can you tell I need to use up candy canes? 😉

But the red and white stripes really are cute and perfectly fitting for the occasion.

And all you need is a glue gun.

And, of course, candy canes.


Gather up an equal number of candy canes.

Dab some glue at the intersections.

32See the dots?


Press the second candy cane down on top of the glue dots and hold for approximately 8.2 seconds.

Let it dry. Another 6.8 seconds.

And you are done.

Line the hearts up in rows and admire your work.

35It’s not like a child could assemble this craft.

Children shouldn’t play with hot glue.

Feel special.

And admire your work some more.

39Hang them anywhere your heart desires. Heart. Seeee?

I apologize.

I placed my heart on my pink sparkly garland down my stairs.

You may have

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