The Waiting Game.

In 4 days I will officially be “40 weeks”.

Layla Mae is taking her sweet time and is apparently in no rush to come out and join us.  Which is very surprising since I thought I would have her early considering all of the contractions I’ve been having. And then nothing. Contractions taper off, become less intense and I don’t progress any further. I’m certainly not trying to rush things along… I want to savor my last days of feeling her kicks and movements… but the anticipation is overwhelming. :)

Jon had been on a detachment in Florida (meaning he was required to do certain flights there instead of here in California). We had known about this for a while and had been a little apprehensive about him leaving with me so far along. We certainly didn’t want him to miss anything and traveling from Key West to the middle of no where, California would be an all day affair. He was more or less “on call” to come home. My sister, Emily, came up to visit for a few days while he was gone… which was nice to have the company (and peace of mind in case I went into labor).

(Random picture at Starbucks. You can thank me later for the high quality camera phone picture.)

I continued to have sporadic contractions after she had to leave to go back home (booo)… and on Sunday night, things started to progress with frequency and intensity. The timing wasn’t close enough together for me to go to the hospital, but I did let Jon know and he was able to get a flight home the next morning (which would be arriving at 10pm the next day) which was better than nothing.

So on Monday, I had my regular hospital appointment for fetal monitoring (movement, heart rate and contractions). As soon as the nurse hooked me up… she declared I was in labor and I nearly had a panic attack! haha

After being checked, I was hardly dilated (about 1 cm)… so they kept me for monitoring for several hours and I just wasn’t progressing. I continued to have the contractions, but wasn’t dilating any further. Alas, they sent me home, with the nurse assuring me that I’d most likely be back within the next day or so. I picked Jon up from the airport that night (October 25th) and 10 days later, still no baby. Contractions, yes…sporadically…all of the time, but especially at night. Just when they start getting somewhat regular, they become less frequent or intense.

At this point, with so many false alarms, I’m just trying to take advantage of the extra time I didn’t think I would have. I’ve made 8 dinners that I’ve frozen… for the nights that I just don’t feel like cooking… almost completely finished projects in the nursery and have even managed to clean out my closet, toting up all of the summer maternity clothes. I’m trying to make the most of this “waiting game” and view it as a blessing. :)

On a side note… we were sent back to a hospital in Fresno to get a detailed Ultrasound for measurements and estimate of weight for Layla. With gestational diabetes, they are always concerned that the baby will get too big for a natural delivery. They are predicting Layla to be around 8 lbs if I make it to November 8th (plus or minus 15 ounces). I was quite relieved since they were scaring me with the thought of an 11 lb baby! haha

The best part was seeing her again. Oh my goodness, does this little baby have some cheeks! I can’t wait to give them a kiss and a good squeeze! :)

I wish I had more exciting news to share… hopefully within the next few days. I have my weekly doctors appointment tomorrow and hospital monitoring after that. My doctor had been talking about inducing me if I made it to 39 weeks… but judging from her size (or lack thereof by Gestational Diabetes standards) I’m not sure if that is the game plan anymore. I’ll find out more tomorrow and keep y’all posted. 😉

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