The Vintage Marketplace

I’m finally getting around to posting about my exciting trip to the Vintage Marketplace show in Rainbow on June 4th! I had this marked on my calendar for a long time and was so excited to go. It just happened to fall on my birthday and I couldn’t think of another thing I wanted to spend the day doing more.

So we loaded up and headed to Rainbow, CA. We were ready for a day in the sun (with our sunscreen, of course) under the big ol’ oak trees, shopping for all sorts of vintage and handmade goodies.



We made it a girls trip.

(We made an exception for my cute nephew Owen. :) )

My mom, sisters, Layla and Me.



Lose our marbles.



Where do you even start?




I recognized this Bliss Lounge trailer from a mile away. haha

How could you not? It is SO adorable!

I follow her blog Vintage Bliss so I was excited to see she was there.


Look at all of her cute goodies!



I think I’ve adopted a new life motto.



She had the cutest blue sofa…

which made the perfect prop for Layla to ham it up in some pictures.



I’m not kidding when I say ham it up.


She’s not exactly camera shy. πŸ˜‰



After I gave Layla a moment or two to be pleased with herself, we continued on to other booths. πŸ˜‰



One of my favorite booths at the show:

Sweet Magnolia Farm!

They have a cuteΒ blog, too.



So much to look at!



Cousins. :)


Guess who we ran into while we were shopping?





Aunt Ruthie! From Sugar Pie Farmhouse!

My favorite blogging celebrity! πŸ˜‰

I was so excited that I finally got to meet her!

She is just as sweet in person as she is on her blog!

We also met her sister from Glamarella Junk!

They are just two of the nicest gals you are ever going to meet.



We stopped for a little break and had lunch at the little country restaurant right next to the show.

Apparently they are “world famous” for their hamburgers.

I wish I would have known that before I ordered a cobb salad! haha!



On the other side of the show location was a place called Silverado Salvage.

I have passed by this place a million times on my way to San Diego and have never known that it was here!



Layla says, “Let’s go! I’m ready to junk hunt!”


That’s my girl.



And junk it was.

Beautiful, fabulous, wonderful junk.



Just waiting for a little love and a good home.



I need to come back with a Uhaul and rescue these beauties!

Like this stove!

The scallops! Be still my heart.



And this old bakery rack.

The things that we could do together, bakery rack.




The wheels were just a turnin’ in my head!



This outdoor extravaganza went on and on forever!

Junk everywhere.

Must. Go. Back. With. Truck.

And by truck, I mean semi truck.



After Silverado Salvage, we headed back to the Vintage Marketplace show for round 2! haha!

We just couldn’t get enough.

And I was taking FULL advantage of Layla being in a good shopping mood. :)



These hay bales have me looking forward to Fall!

I feel guilty for saying that during the beginning of Summer, but it is true.

Fall is my favorite time of the year!


Which is convenient since there will be another Vintage Marketplace show in September!


Count me in!
You better believe we will be going back!
It was such a fun time, if you are in the San Diego area this September…I highly recommend you check it out!
You can fan The Vintage Marketplace on Facebook for more information on the shows.
And, while you are there, if you aren’t already a fan of Huckleberry Prairie on Facebook…now’s a good time! haha
Hope you enjoyed your tour through the marketplace!

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