The Swimdress.


I am so excited to be going on a girls trip to Palm Springs for my sister’s birthday next week!  Plenty of sunshine, warm weather, yummy food and good company.

And then there is the pool.


Isn’t that what you are supposed to look forward to? Lazily lounging around by the pool at a swanky-hip hotel? Um, no. Actually the mere thought of being in a bathing suit publicly… triggers anxiety, fear and an all-around, full-blown panic attack.

Seriously, it does.

So I started looking online for bathing suits… something with a ruffle perhaps? Maybe buy a humongous, wide-brimmed hat to distract from my body and to hide the shame on my face?

And then I discovered this!!

The Swimdress!!! Like in the 1940s. None of this tankini stuff or little skirted bathing suit! I need some coverage!


Black with white polka dots. Yes please. A-line style with a tie “around the smallest part of your body”… Stacey and Clinton would be proud. It is a fully functioning one-piece bathing suit that you can totally swim in. Granted, I wouldn’t challenge anyone to race while wearing it…the extra fabric may cause some drag and slow you down. haha 😉

And guess where I found it. Kmart. Ha! Yeah, I know. Less than $30…I’ll take it! I ordered it online and it arrived today. It is comfortable and flattering. I might even be able to go to the beach now (and not feel all self-conscious…especially when I make the dreaded walk down to the water to cool off. haha)

Needless to say, problem solved. I am quite happy with my swimdress and am actually very much looking forward to a little relaxation by the pool.

I declare the swimdress the permanent “in” style of women’s swimwear. Forever and ever. Amen.

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