The Story of an Upcycled Apron.

I try to be eco-conscious. I really do. Now, I’m not annoyingly crazy about it…but I am trying to be more deliberate in my intentions. Like learning that using the term “upcycled” earns me a pat on the back from “green” people.

One easy, no-brainer way to be eco-smart is by thrifting…and upcycling and reusing what has already been made.

Upcycling: the process of converting useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.

Go ahead.

Give me a pat. I used it in a sentence. I earned it.

I love creating things out of the unlikely.

And thrifting?

If I may quote Alf, “No Problem”.

I love me some quality time at the Goodwill, so I will gladly do my part there.

So searching through the linens section of the Goodwill, I came across vintage kitchen curtains. As I gazed upon them, I thought how they hung in and decorated someone’s kitchen… if only they could talk, what stories they would tell of sweet down-home Texas cookin’.

I don’t know about you, but the kitchen is the heart of our home. Meals are thoughtfully prepared with love. It is where our daily conversations take place. It is where we find so much comfort and joy.

And, now, I was looking at curtains that witnessed all of these moments for some family. One that probably lived in a farmhouse. In the country. Where the farmer’s wife cooked sizzling bacon and baked fresh biscuits every morning to the sound of the rooster crowing. And, after a hearty breakfast, waved goodbye to her farmer husband as he rode off on a tractor.


I apologize.

My vivid imagination has gone hog wild.

But that’s the story of these curtains and I’m sticking to it.

Well, I couldn’t very well let these yellow curtains (with scallops, eyelet and ribbon trim, no less!) be orphaned on a rack in the corner of the Goodwill. I adopted them, took them home, and decided they are going to be a part of my kitchen story now. Except with a new, refurbished purpose. By golly, these farmhouse kitchen curtains are going to be my new apron!
I then found a single flat sheet that had such a sweet floral print, I knew that it was a match for my new apron. (Yes, I washed it in hades hot water…no need for concern.)

The cast: curtain and  sheet.


Past performances:

Glorious farmhouse kitchen staple.

Sad Goodwill orphan waiting for a home.


Past performances:

Graced a guest bed that was never, ever used. Amen.

Spent time in Hades hot water and is as good as new.

Curtain meet sheet. Sheet meet curtain.

Congratulations, you are getting married.

And… after a little cutting, pressing, sewing and a whole lot of love…

I present to you…

The upcycled apron.


Curtain. Sheet. Abandoned no more.

Curtain. Sheet. Given a new purpose. A new chance at life.

Rest assured, they will get plenty of love. And plenty of kitchen time.

A true metamorphosis if you ask me. :)

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Happy Upcycling,

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