The Red Cruiser...

It was such a nice night tonight… that we decided to go for a bike ride through the neighborhood.

Here she is… in all of her RED glory!

Here I am in my red shirt!
Uh-Oh! I found some more red!
Cruisin’ along so fast… I’m just a blur. 😉

That’s because I’m powered by Dr. Pepper.
Yeah. I pretty much negated every burned calorie (and probably added some) but I must admit, it was delicious. 😉 (Side note: had I really been exercising, I would have had water. A leisurely cruise deserves a Dr. Pepper. There. I’m justified.)
Here is hubby flaunting his red bike, too. It was an action shot taken while in action… hence, the blurriness. 😉
I stopped to take this shot… there is some pinkish-red in there, right? OK, maybe more pink, but it was definitely a pretty sunset. :)

And that is all the flaunting I will do for tonight! I hope y’all had as lovely of an evening as we did here on the prairie! :)

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