The Reading Meeting

The Reading Meeting is a book club of sorts…nothing stuffy, just an invitation to read along in the same book together. You can join in at any time!

Readers are encouraged to share their insights, observations and commentaries during the course of our reading. We can all benefit from seeing things through a new perspective!

We will be reading through a book a month and, as a result, will have a loosely structured reading guideline through the book (which will be presented during the introduction of the book).

For example:

Chapters 1-3 will be discussed via comments on week 1.
Chapters 4-6, week 2.
Chapters 7-9, week 3.
Chapters 10-12, week 4.

Feel free to read ahead…but make sure your comments are for that specific week’s chapters. We don’t want any spoilers. 😉 If you have already read the book, feel free to still join in the commentaries.

Suggestions on future books are always welcome.

Again, join in at any time…the more, the merrier!

Happy Reading,


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