The Pioneer Woman Cookbook Review


The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl

How dare I even include the word “review” in the title! The Pioneer Woman needs no commentary from the peanut gallery. I should throw a tomato at myself. But for the sake of giving my two cents… we’ll loosely use the word review. Fair enough?

If you haven’t heard of The (pronounced THEE for effect) Pioneer Woman then you must be living in a cave. Scratch that… even cave dwellers love The Pioneer Woman… you must be living under a rock. On the moon. Orbiting a far away planet. In another galaxy. In another universe. In another dimension. In the Twilight Zone. Quick, someone put a sock in my mouth. (Or perhaps take the keyboard away?) My imagination is getting out of hand.

Ahem. I apologize.

The Pioneer Woman is pretty much my favorite blogger of all time. I think she is clever. And hilarious.  And fabulous. And pretty much needs her own TV show. I think she has a way of making normal, mentally stable (I’ll use those words loosely as well haha) women lose their cotton pickin marbles. I have read countless blogs of people who would give just about anything to be invited to the ranch. (In the event that Ree will just happen to stumble upon their blog and decide they will be her next guest of honor and the best friend she never had.) Oh, you know just about every reader is convinced that they could easily be her new best friend. Because they are the only one of her 2 billion devoted readership that appreciates her humor. Doesn’t she just bring out the crazy (borderline stalker) in people? haha All in good fun, of course. Henceforth, a reality TV show is really the only way to be fair with this. Why don’t they just get it over with and have “My New Best Friend” Paris Hilton style show. Wouldn’t it be great to watch all sorts of crazies auditioning for the role of BFF? Myself included. haha I’d even be happy with a lottery. Oprah has her Gail. That’s the only example I could think of. Get off my back. Anyway, I’m just saying what y’all were thinking.

Now onto my review. Or should I say…The Pioneer Woman needs no review. We all know that. You don’t go to pick up  a copy of the cookbook thinking “I hope this is going to be worth it”. That would be absurd. You drive to the bookstore giddy as a schoolgirl the day it comes out… run to the cooking section… only to find that they sold out already. On Day 1. Really? Were you living under a rock, bookstore? Did you not get the memo? Do you not know what ample supply is? Do you not know who The Pioneer Woman is?? Do you not know who you are dealing with? Do you not know how crazy her readership is!?

Yes. True story.

That happened to me.

I walked out of the bookstore… tail between my legs… head down. Sniveling. Crushed spirits. Broken hearted.  Despair. Doom. Weeping and gnashing of teeth. So on and so forth.

I don’t exactly live down the street, bookstore!

I can’t just come back tomorrow! You should have known!….snivel. snivel.

Bookstore, you should have known.

And the Oscar goes to….


No! Of course I’m not still bitter. I just like to give you a good performance every now and then…. give you your money’s worth. Oh, wait. Nevermind.

Composure has been regained. Moving on.

So…it feels like a year had gone by. Still no cookbook for me. Ok,  so it had only been a few weeks at best. But that’s not the point.

The point is everybody else had the cookbook while I was reveling in my pity party… party of 1.

So last night… hubby and I decided to go out on a romantic Saturday night date…to the Ihop for pancakes and the Walmart for entertainment (and milk).  Yes. I put “the” in front of it. Email me your complaints later. This is important stuff here. As usual… we looked at the books and magazines (just to look, of course) and lo and behold… a beam of heaven shined (shone?) down on a lone copy of the PW Cookbook. Never mind that hubby and I were the only people on the aisle… I ran to it faster than the speed of sound… leaped, tackled, tucked and rolled (safety first) down the aisle with a death grip on the book. Tears of joy streamed down my face. I think I even heard the angels sing. Time stood still. All was right and well with the world.

At that moment, I knew that the cookbook and I would never part again.


Every bit of goodness that you get daily from The PW blog, you will find in this book… it is so much more than a cookbook. You can really tell that Ree’s heart was sincerely devoted to it’s creation. I don’t even need to discuss recipes… just trust me on this. You will LOVE everything that you try; it is impossible not to.


The pictorial instructions make it easy to follow every recipe. Seriously, why don’t all cookbooks do this? It makes all the difference when you are trying something completely new… especially for us visual learners.

8Edna Mae. You know those pancakes have to be good with a name like that.


If you haven’t made this cinnamon roll recipe with it’s heavenly maple icing… you just haven’t lived. Plain and simple. Your life is not complete. It is the one thing that you never knew you couldn’t live without. And I’m not exaggerating. They are one big ol batch of joy. I am talking kissed and delivered by angels (while singing).

But aside from all of the fabulous recipes, the pictures! Oh my! The pictures!


This group of buckaroos makes me want a batch of my own little rascals.

And if the picture before didn’t give me baby fever… this one certainly did:


How adorable? I can’t even stand it.

So… for the meantime…I’ll settle for one of these:


and DEFINITELY one of these:


On a level of 1-5 stars… I would give this cookbook an 8.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   * = 8 = I’m serious. = What the heck are you waiting for? = This is urgent! Buy it NOW! = I’ll even give you the link! = and if you don’t want to wait, send your husband to the Walmart right now!= Or just go yourself. Don’t even change out of your pajamas and slippers… we wouldn’t want you to feel out of place in the Walmart. (that’s a whole other blog post.)

I can’t rave enough about it… I’m like a kid at Christmas. I’m actually going to wrap the book on Christmas eve just so I can open it and experience the joy all over again on Christmas morning. Don’t put it past me. I’ll do it.

And Ree, if you’re reading and need a guest at the ranch… my calender is open for the next 60 years. I could probably pencil something in… I’ll make a good best friend. I promise. I could be your official taste tester… or I could just keep Charlie company… I’m open to that, too. 😉

Sincerely The Pioneer Woman’s Biggest Crazy,

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