The Peanut.

Guess what I did today??

I had my first Doctors appointment AND my first ultrasound!

I was so terrified that something might be wrong (even though there were no signs or symptoms that anything should be wrong)…you just never know.

But at the same time… I was SO excited to see the baby (yes, it was confirmed that there is only one… despite my intuition that I was having a whole litter full of babies. haha)… and to hear it’s little heartbeat.

Ugghhh… I could just pop. It is so amazing to know that there is a life growing inside me. And more importantly, that everything is normal. Judging from the somersaults, backflips and other such aquatic tumbling… the baby appears to be healthy and well (and perhaps a future Olympic gymnast?).

Unfortunately, the gender wasn’t determined at this appointment. But my due date of November 8th is sticking. So, without further ado… I introduce to you… The Peanut.

Tell me there’s no resemblance.

I’m fine with the monocle but will be a little concerned if the baby comes out with a top hat. So far, it appears I have not grown either one of Mr. Peanut’s accessories… For that, I am thankful.

Yes. Our little peanut. Quite the character already. :)

I loved my doctor… which is a big relief. Everything went smoothly and I am scheduled to go back in five weeks. (I get another ultrasound at that point and will hopefully find out the gender then) Can’t wait!

Here are a couple more views of the little peanut:

I am excited…and I am relieved. And happy. Very, very happy. :)

And I’m going to celebrate with some chips and salsa. 😉

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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