The Name Game.

We started looking at names pretty much the moment we found out that I was pregnant. And, the nerds that we are, had everything systematically organized via spreadsheet in order to narrow down potential names through process of elimination. Our criteria is little more than we both have to like it. The problem is we like too many.

So for us to narrow it down this much… is quite an accomplishment.

Top Girls names:

Emma Jo
Katie Beth
Layla Mae

I’ve always liked Emma and Jo is both my mother’s and grandmother’s middle name.

Katie Beth… I actually found this name in an old book in an antique store. The front inside cover had a little girl’s writing “Katie Beth” and under her name she wrote the name of her town, Texas in the year 1918. I pretty much fell in love with the name. I always like Katelyn Elizabeth… and wanted to call her Katie Beth for short, however, some friends of mine named their daughter that a few years ago. So Katie Beth will work for me.

Layla Mae just got added to the running a few days ago, but I really like it. It just sounds so girlie and sweet. And I love the name Mae.

Top Boys:


No, middle names have not even remotely been decided, although there are a few in mind.

Ezra… I love this name. It is such a strong but unique name and I think it is really starting to grow on Jon.

Alex… I love Alex. But that’s it. Not Alexander. Is that weird?

Wyatt… Such a cute name. It is just so Western to me.

Jett… I have always loved Jett… but have compromised that we might use it for a middle name. Apparently Jon thinks having a son named “Jett” may be a little cliche considering he flies jets for a living. Puh-lease. 😉

Those are our top names… and have been since the beginning (except Layla). We have others in mind and are completely open to suggestions. So if you can think of any cute name combinations… send them our way! :)

I’m linking my list up to Kelly’s Korner “Show us Your Life”… head over there and see everyone else’s baby names!

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