The 6 Month Donut Picture

Oh my goodness, I can’t even believe how much Layla is changing right before my very eyes!

She is obviously growing and getting bigger, but she is so much more active.

She has quite the little personality too!

I love it!

She loves to make raspberry sounds with her tongue.

She just cracks herself up!

Little Miss innocent.

{yeah right}

This is more like what was going on the entire time.

I could not keep this child inside the donut.

haha! She thought it was just hilarious to roll right out.

She is in this phase of doing backbends and rolling.

Not to mention eating and sucking on her toes like she is a monkey.

I can’t believe how much she is moving around now!

She is even starting to scoot across the room like a crab on her back! haha

Let’s watch her grow…

Ugh! Where is the time going!?

I have to admit though, I am enjoying each stage.

I know how quickly the days (and months and years) will pass before me, so I am really trying to make it a point to treasure each little milestone and phase without trying to rush onto the next one. It is such a challenge for me with Layla being my first child. I don’t want to rush it, but I am so excited to see what is going to be next.

She really is so much fun. Her giggles just give me unspeakable joy.

She is just a barrel of monkies.

I can’t even fathom what she is going to be like at her 8 month donut picture, seeing how much she changes every two months! I am certainly looking forward to it. It is so neat to watch her growth.

Stay tuned. More donut pics in July. :)

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