Thanksgiving. Arkansas Style.

We are finally home from our Thanksgiving weekend in Arkansas.


It was great seeing Jon’s family since we really only get to see them once or twice a year.  But let me tell you, we packed a whole lot of activity into one weekend! Here is a little recap of our journey to South Arkansas:

We left after Jon got off of work on Wednesday… close to 2:30pm. Mind you, Arkansas is at least a 12 hour drive and we were driving straight through. We were lucky enough not to hit any traffic… mostly because we decided NOT to drive through Houston. (made that mistake last year) Coming from Southern California… that is one of the things I love most about Texas…there are ways to avoid traffic. Not so much in CA.

Anyway, we were pretty much troopers and, other than gas, did not stop until we got to Louisiana. Then we found this:

45There is just something so alluring and so terrifying all at the same time with a Waffle House. Have you ever been to a Waffle House that wasn’t shady? Where you felt safe? Me either. But can you guess what keeps me coming back?


Raisin Toast.

With apple butter.

I’m a fool for raisin toast.

I risk my safety for apple butter.

And I’ll never turn down a pecan waffle. (which didn’t survive long enough to be documented in a picture)

After we refueled at the Waffle House, we were onto the last leg of our drive to South Arkansas. We finally arrived around 2:30am. And by that time I was ready to get. out. of. that. car.

Thursday (Thanksgiving) was spent visiting with family and feasting.

A picture of the whole gang:


And of the girls:


Mindy (Jon’s brother’s wife), Sherry (Jon’s Mom),  Brittney (Jon’s little sister) and Me.

Jon and me. Our 2nd “married” Thanksgiving. :)


Friday morning, we were up early to take Mindy and Nathan to Little Rock airport. I had never been to Little Rock… so Jon gave me a tour around the city. Since we were there, we stopped by the Clinton Presidential Library.1

Jon says that everyone jokes about the library looking like the shape of a giant trailer. I could see why. Other than the shape… the library was very modern.


Inside… there was a re-creation of a tablescape for their dinner! Right up my alley. haha Want to see a tablescape fit for a president??


Four glasses a piece! FOUR!


They also had different dresses that the First Ladies wore. I loved to see the different styles throughout the eras.


The more recent ones were rather matronly, in my opinion… but my favorite was one that Laura Bush wore:


A picture of Hillary in one of the red dresses shown:


And a re-creation of what the Oval Office looked like:


After the Presidential Library… it appeared Jon was in a very political mood as our next stop was the state capitol. It was festive for the holidays.


Later that day, we headed back to Jon’s mom’s house where some friends came by to visit. One of the couples, Tarrah and Leonard, had the most adorable son who just loved the guitar. He called it the “P-tar” and pretty much turned any object into a guitar. Him and Jon played the real guitar and were both in hog heaven.


Look at that hand going!


On Saturday, we went to church for band rehearsal… since Jon was going to be playing with them on Sunday morning.

48After 9 hours of watching them practice (maybe it was 3-4 but it felt like 9! haha) we headed to dinner in El Dorado where Jon found himself a P-tar.


(great camera phone quality picture, eh?)

On Sunday after church we met Jon’s Dad and Step-mom for lunch…which was a great time. :)


When we got back to the house… we decided we were going to take pictures for our Christmas card. We are trying to be budget-friendly without professional pictures… or a professional camera. And you know how the saying goes… you get what you pay for. haha

It started with a serious attempt…


… followed by Jon being a J. Crew model.


… and me being “artistic” with my point and shoot camera. haha


… eventually we found a bike to pose by. After about an hour of us trying to take pictures with a self-timer… we pretty much gave up.

33We are no closer to having a picture to send out for our Christmas cards then when we started. 😉

We headed back home bright and early on Monday morning. We took a different route home… through Dallas, Waco, Austin, San Antonio and then home. Of course I wanted to stop at all of my favorite places in each of those cities… but I was very disciplined. There was only one place I HAD to stop at.

There is the most scrumptious restaurant called Amelia’s on the Avenue which is inside of a boutique-like shop called Sironia. And, oh my word, do they have the best buttermilk pecan pie that I’ve ever tasted!! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a piece of pie!

49I was so excited when we pulled up!! Until we discovered that they are closed on Mondays! Can you believe that? The one chance that we are in Waco and they are closed. Boooo. I sulked the entire way home. Not really. 😉

Jon took me to the Rosa’s Cafe in Waco… and I was happy as a gopher in soft dirt.


We drove home into the Texas sunset and lived happily ever after… until I remembered all of the laundry I had to do from unpacking our suitcases. 😉

Back to the grind… but glad to be home sweet home! :)

Hope y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, too!

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  • Tara G.

    You are so funny! Love the Christmas card photo shoot! Mr. YH proposed to me outside Little Rock when he was there training (at Petit Jean). You look great, by the way!

  • Tara G.

    You are so funny! Love the Christmas card photo shoot! Mr. YH proposed to me outside Little Rock when he was there training (at Petit Jean). You look great, by the way!

  • Joni

    I actually like the pic of you two with the leaves in the foreground….really cute and photographer-ish, if you ask me! LOL! Sounds like a fun filled Thanksgiving!