There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under Heaven ♥ Ecclesiastes 3:1

Life on the Prairie

Life on the Prairie My little life on the prairie is a hearty stew prepared with the finest claptrap, poppycock and a dash of honest introspection. Jump on the wagon of adventure with commentaries, documentaries and a few chance Melissaisms.

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The Homestead

The HomesteadAll roads lead to home. It is where we find comfort and safety…rest and relaxation…love and belonging. There is nothing better than creating a homestead that you love to live in and your family can’t wait to get home to.

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♥ Christmas Pom Pom Wreath
♥ Christmas Parties are a-comin’
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The Cookery

The CookeryHome is where the kitchen is; it sustains the life of your homestead and is the staple for any good Prairie hostess. The cookery will share “tried and true” down-home cookin’ and “hog heaven” delights, sweet as a Prairie Girl herself!

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♥ Pumpkin Carrot Cake
♥ Spooky Cakes
♥ Mummy Dogs

Boots & Bonnets

Boots & Bonnets Delight your eyes on dandy outfits and accessories to wear on everyday outings to the general store… and something “prairie chic” to wear out on evenings to the town square. Boots and Bonnets is a place to pretty up.

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♥ Ring Cleaning
♥ Stylish Cold-Weather Coats
♥ Special Delivery! Tony Lama Stars!

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