Summer on the Prairie

As summer is starting to wind down and we are on the heels of the Autumn harvest, I am soaking in every last bit of sunshiney goodness. Perhaps y’all would like a peek at summertime on the California Prairie? Well, pour yourself an ice-cold glass of lemonade, fresh and sweet, while I take you on a little stroll through town.

Picture this: the sun is shining bright making the days long and warm, the honey bees are busy buzzing, and the farm fields are brimming with abundance…it

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Happy New Year


Anyone there?

I’ve had it on my heart to start blogging again… and is there a better time than on New Year’s Day?


On January 2nd. Fashionably late. I already fell off the face of the blogearth a year ago, so what’s one more day? 😉

Obviously, so much has happened since I stopped blogging… and the thought of “catching up” is the culprit that overwhelmed me into not blogging at all. So. A quick summary of impactful life events and then a fresh start for the new year. Fair? :)

Surprise! Husband unexpectedly deploys for

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Pumpkin Pielot


Do you see what I did there?



Pumpkin Pie?





Anybody? 😉

I’ve always wanted to enter a scarecrow into the scarecrow contest… and I finally did it!

I thought it would be fun for the girls and me (read: me) to put one together to represent “daddy”. So I meticulously painted patches, wings and a helmet to look exactly like their squadron. I was pretty doggon’  proud of

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