I fell in love...

… with a tube of mascara.

And all of my dreams came true.

Ok, not really.

But sort of. 😉

(Hello by the way. Long time, no talk. I’m still here and hoping to giving this blog a little more attention now that we are getting settled in to our new house. But we’ll talk about that later.)

Have you ever seen a 3 am infomercial with a product that sounded like the best thing you’ve ever seen? Like you absolutely can’t live without it? And if you weren’t so deliriously tired and completely unwilling to remove yourself from your comfortable bed to go find

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Project Style

My sister, Emily, was a finalist in Project Style, hosted by Nick Verreos (from Project Runway)!



So, naturally, Layla and I had to go support her with the loudest hoots, hollers and whistles from the crowd. haha


Layla picked out her outfit.

With the biggest bow

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America's Next Raisin Model

The raisin capital of the world…

The bold claim of a Selma, Ca!

And I believe it!

It is right next door to Kingsburg, home to Sun-Maid Raisins!

Before Jon left, we took a little visit to the store at their factory.



A ginormous box of raisins greeted us…



And into the shop we went!

It was just a

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