Tablescape Thursday: Old Time 4th of July

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This week, I thought it would only be appropriate to create an All-American 4th of July table… and what is more American than a hot dog?? 😉 Accordingly, I created a “hot dog” buffet and incorporated it (along with a few other treats) into my tablescape.

“Old Time 4th of July”

Here is a bird’s eye view of the table and hot dog toppings…

For all of you hot dog lovers out there we have: chili, onions, cheese, sauerkraut, relish, coleslaw, BBQ sauce, ketchup and mustard. That is as crazy as I got. (I know some people get much crazier with jalapenos, pineapple and such… but I just stuck with the basics.)

Of course the bottles were good ol’ fashioned plain colors…

Did you get a glimpse of those fine hot dogs rolling away in the background??

Here is a better look…

People probably look at that the hot dog roller in the store and wonder who the heck buys it.
haha…answer: THIS GIRL. 😉
It was actually a Christmas gift from my sister… and lets just put it this way… she knows me a little too well. 😉 And in case you were wondering… YES, it works delightfully!

If you are going to have a hot dog buffet… it is a good idea to have some hot dog trays! 😉

I used simple red sectioned plates and hot dog trays. My Americana silverware made another appearance for the 4th of July festivities!

In addition to hot dogs, we had cake french fries (lemon, yellow or pound cake works very well) and some cupcake corn on the cobs!

So easy to make… just bake some yellow colored cake mix (I used lemon)… ice them up (again, I used lemon) and place yellow jelly beans on top to make it look like corn kernels. Put two corn holders on the ends… and you’ve got yourself corn on the cob cupcakes!

I used Coke glasses… with licorice straws… to sip out Cherry Kool-aid.
If Kool-aid doesn’t equal childhood summer, I don’t know what does! I garnished the glass with a strawberry for some extra red flair. 😉

On the topic of strawberries… I also had Strawberries and Cool Whip in my new Texas Star dishes (that I got 50% at the GW!). See that post here.

A look across the table…

I used my Warren Kimble American Flag pitcher for the Kool-aid.
I filled up some popcorn bags with popcorn and kettle corn… and place American flags in them.
I also had some old-fashioned looking Cracker Jack boxes that fit in nicely. In addition, I have a diner napkin holder, straw holder and some extra flags.
All of this is set on a Warren Kimble flag serving tray.

A little closer… just in case you wanted to smell the popcorn. 😉

And on to the other side of the table…

I made some Cotton Candy Cones…

…And set them up in small jars filled with jelly beans… and tied with patriotic ribbon.
There were a star spangled bowl of BBQ flavored chips as well. 😉
Next to the Cotton Candy Cones, was an old-fashioned Gumball Machine.

I suppose I forgot to mention… I used a blue and white gingham table cloth.
And another look around the Old-Fashioned 4th of July table!
Hope y’all enjoyed my interpretation of a good ol’ fashioned 4th of July celebration.
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