Summer Lodge Style.

Growing up in Southern California, my mind automatically correlates “summer” with “beach”. Most of my lazy summer days were either spent beach-side or poolside. But so much of me has always longed for a summer getaway at a lodge… a mountain cabin or lakeside cottage. Minus the mosquitoes, of course. Perhaps part of me feels unfulfilled that I was never sent away for summer camp with archery, arts-n-crafts (with beads or noodles or some string of some sort) and that inflated airbag in the lake that catapults you into the next state when another child jumps on it. Perhaps those childhood “camps” was grossly over-glorified by Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel. Maybe they don’t even exist. Kind of like the fictitious “uncrowded” beaches of Southern California…where all beach-goers are also pro-surfers or bathing suit models.

But let me have my moment.

I am all about lodge style.

And I will choose to celebrate it…in all of it’s summer glory!

I came across the Whispering Pines website… and have been swooning ever since.

Let me explain…

I’d arrive at the lodge in this summery number…

Pink Dress

And go straight to arts and crafts to crochet this beauty.

Bloom Necklace

Perhaps, even color a bit with these rustic pencils.

Why not? I’m on vacation.

Colored Pencils

When it’s time for camp fire stories and bunk beds…

Only these PJs will do.

Happy Camper PJs

I’ll wear this apron as I shop around the lodge’s farmer’s market…

Support Local Farmers Apron

And bring all of my fresh produce and goodies back to the cabin and serve lunch on this!

Scratch that… lunch will be served to me! On this tablecloth.

Vacationland Tablecloth

Sweet tea out of an owl? You don’t say.

Owl Pitcher

Pillows, pillows… all around.

Love these!

Parks Pillows

Good Day Pillow

Airstream Trailer Pillow

And after bird watching from the porch… I will be able to identify these fellows on the wall.


And I will never, ever leave the lodge. Amen.

Ugh. It is just too much fabulous.

I can hardly stand it.

I need to go find me a retreat. Stat.

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