So long 10! Hello 11!

Today is 1-1-11.

What a date!

Not to mention it’s the beginning of a new year. A fresh start. A time for reflection. A plan for change.

Isn’t it funny how we wait for a certain date or time of year to make a change in our lives?

For me, it’s always a Monday. So any resolution I may make will not start today. Nope. Monday mornings are always my fresh start. And those fresh starts usually pertain to Diets eating healthy. And of course will always include a new exciting exercise routine, too. (Of course it is exciting until I actually have to do it)

Needless to say, just about every Wednesday night I vow a fresh start on the following Monday. haha

Sure, I might fall off the horse… but at least I acknowledge that there was a horse to get on in the first place.

AND I got on it!

How many times do we have a horse right in front of us and we pretend that it isn’t even there?

Do not neglect your horse.

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to take control of the reins.

See what I did there?

Full circle. Horse jibberish back to New Years.

My analogy is deep and unlocks the secrets to life.

Ponder it.

Adopt this philosophy and you will succeed in all that you do.

And now is the time I will stop sounding like a fortune cookie.


2010 was a year of transition for me.

Jon finished flight school and got winged.

We moved from Texas to California.

Learned our way around a new town.

Started going to a new Church.

Made new friends.

We took on a serious (ongoing) home remodel. Ourselves.

Found out we were going to have a baby.

9 months of pregnancy. Became a mother.

Birthed a beautiful daughter.

Adjusted (and still adjusting) to life as parents.

We are talking some major life changes. Some things we saw coming and some things we could have never predicted. Out of the stress (both good and bad…but mostly good) came some of the most memorable events of my life. :)


I’m certain that 2011 will have a few trials.

Jon will be deploying…gone for at least 9 months out of this next year. :(

Think positive. Think positive. (Yes, I have to remind myself of this every now and then. Or pretty much any time I think of Jon being gone for NINE MONTHS.)

Thinking positively… I can’t wait to watch Layla grow over the next year. It will be so exciting to see her experience things for the first time. :)

I could write a list of resolutions but why bore y’all to death? Besides, I would just have to own up to falling off the horse. Who wants to fall off a horse in front of an audience? 😉

But if you must know, a summation of all my resolutions can be described with two words: Priorities and Balance.

How’s that for vague and mysterious? haha

I am definitely resoluting (is that even a word?) to blog more often. And I am doing good on that resolution! See? And it’s not even Monday! I’m taking control of the reins of this blog horse. Giddy up.

I hope the start of your New Years has found you healthy and happy. May God bless you abundantly through 2011. That sounds like a Hallmark card. Or a toast. Your pick. Cheers! (clink!)

Happy New Years!

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