Sleep Shopping

We went shopping the other day and the funniest thing happened…

I suspect that Layla is starting to teeth since she wants to chew on everything.

She especially likes to gnaw on her stroller tray.

While we are not really moving around (when I’m browsing slowly in a store), I will just buckle her lap seat belt so she can lean forward and gum away on the tray.

Here she goes….

nom. nom. nom.

Literally less than a minute after I snapped this camera phone picture…

I looked back down and saw this:

At first I thought she was looking at something on the floor or maybe her toes…

but after a few seconds of not moving, I peeked under the tray and saw closed eyes.

haha! She just fell asleep on the tray!

Apparently, she can fall asleep anywhere and in any position…in a matter of seconds!

My little shopping partner was just plum tuckered out! And it was only the second store! 😉

Of course I gently laid her back and she took a much needed nap.

It was just too cute.

Little Miss Layla Mae…always finding a way to crack me up.

The life of a baby… it’s a tough one. 😉

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