Show us your Life: Calling all the Single Ladies!

This week’s edition of “Show us your Life” on Kelly’s Korner is show us your single guys…with the purpose of all her single readers to see who we consider to be a good catch. Now, I’m not usually one to play matchmaker (who am I kidding, if I knew two people who I thought would be great together, I’d introduce them in a heartbeat! haha)…but I feel a sense of duty, a sense responsibility if you will, to give a worthy girl the opportunity to meet one heck of a guy.

I actually had two people in mind when I saw what this week’s topic was going to be: my little brother and his best friend who might as well be brother #2. Of course, I wanted to make sure I had their permission before I blogged about them and my brother opted out. Boooo. (Big ol’ chicken! bock bock bock! I’m his sister. I can say that. haha)

But lucky for you single girls, his best friend was willing. Because he is always up for anything and isn’t afraid to live life.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce Jarred.

I picked out a picture that I felt summed him up. Yes, him on a trampoline. haha

Let me explain.

He is a grounded free-spirit, always a willing participant for adventure, spontaneous and fun-loving.

He is light-hearted, laid back and pretty much always the life of the party. He has a witty sense of humor, always quick quipped and always willing to laugh at himself. You never regret inviting Jarred somewhere; a good time will be had by all. With that being said, there is no mistaking that he can hold his own in an intellectual conversation. Or any conversation. He is knowledgeable on current events and actually has an opinion on things. He knows what he believes and isn’t afraid of a good debate every now and then. Intellectual stimulation and conversation are like a rare gem, and this guy’s got it. 😉

Jarred is very dynamic in that he has so many good qualities that make up his personality.

He is dependable and loyal. You can count on him for anything.

He is very much a gentleman. Chivalry is not dead with this guy.

He is creative… and can draw exceptionally well. (And paints!)

He is empathetic and has a big ol’ heart.

He is a person of integrity and character.

Most importantly, he has a heart for the Lord.

Random fun facts:

He can run a mile in 7 minutes.

He flosses regularly.

He doodles all over everything.

He has a pet turtle.

He hates onions.

Likes to hike, camp, hunt, travel, go the beach…likes pretty much all music. Wants to take a cross country motorcycle trip one day. The list can go on and on… but I’ll leave you some questions to ask. 😉

And now for the details:

Strong Christian, Blond hair, green eyes, 5’11 ish, 27, works in real estate, lives in Southern California.

And a close up picture to prove he doesn’t have a snaggle tooth. haha

He even caught the garter at my wedding… Proof that it is high time for him being “next”. haha

I can’t speak highly enough about him. And anyone that knows him can vouch that everything I wrote is completely accurate. Understated even. (Friends that read my blog that know him… back me up on this!)

Girls… he’s a catch!

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