Show Us Where You Live Friday: Master Bedroom

Today is Show Us Where You Live Friday… hosted by Kelly at Kelly’s Korner. This week is Master bedrooms. I like to consider my master bedroom “simple”… which may be an euphemism for “mildly neglected”. 😉 We started our black and white (or, more specifically, cream) theme when we first got married last September. Since neither one of us owned anything black or white (or at least the look we were trying to achieve)… we have SLOWLY been accumulating a few decor items here and there. Again, we will be moving by the end of the year and are waiting until we move into our next house before we really lose our marbles in the decorating department. 😉 This is what we have so far:

Peeking in through the hall door.

Coming in a little further and looking to the left…

Our bed…
The bedspread was from Target.
I LOVED this Waverly print.
We accented with red (Or, I should say, we started to accent with red)… red lamp shades and red suede pillows. More pillows to come later on.

We have two end tables… with a cream color skirt.
And, of course, my trusty bedside Bible.

On the left wall, we have a large black writing table with an old antique window.
The chair is desperately in need of a makeover. I’m thinking I will paint it black and shabby it up a little bit. I’ll put that on my to-do list.

This is where all of the sewing experiments magic happens. I have a craft/guest room but for some reason, I love to sew in here instead. Plenty of space to cut out fabric and such.On my writing table I have a lamp, flowers, flower pens in a Terra Cotta pot (that I took as a favor from my bridal shower) and a picture of my family (who all live in CA and I miss very much).

From the desk and bed looking forward, we have two old dressers…

This dresser is also “mid-makeover”. I am going to be decoupaging a scroll print on the drawers and changing out the hardware. More to follow on that in a later post.

We have several engagement and wedding pictures up in our room. We decided we would spare our guests from having to see wedding pics all over our living room. haha (Although they will have to stomach a few in the living room…)

The second dresser is a creamy white, old, old thing.
I’m thinking about giving it a fresh coat of paint and maybe changing out the hardware, too…

On top of the dresser are a few more pics and a perfume tray.

The door on the left goes to the master bathroom and the door on the right goes to the walk-in-closet.Further right…

In between the walk-in-closet and the main door, I have a full length mirror, a shelf and two pictures.

The shelf.

The picture.
A word of advice for you single girls out there: Do not do what I did and declare that you will never get married. haha You will need a shoehorn to get your foot out of your mouth when you actually do. 😉 As I was approaching my mid to late twenties (and had always figured that I would be married by 21- at the very latest) and still single, I decided my fate was the nunnery; hell would freeze before I found someone that met my “standard” of a marriage worthy man. My sister (also my maid of honor) had this newspaper made as a wedding gift… very fitting.
Thanks Emily. 😉

Looking back… we have simple black window treatments.

One of my favorite features of the room is the ceiling.

And that concludes my tour of my “work in progress” master bedroom. 😉
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