Show Us Where You Live Friday: Laundry Room

Well we don’t have children yet… so no “play room” and we don’t really have a “bonus room”… just bedrooms that are craft, exercise and guest rooms. So… looks like you get a tour of my laundry room!! 😉

View from the kitchen…

A little red tin wall box to hang some greenery and flowers…

Peeking in…

…and turning to the right.
This laundry room is totally wonky (yes, this is a rental so we can’t really do anything about the wonky-ness). The owners put in a cabinet across from the wall where the laundry water hookups are… but it is so close to the machines that you can’t open the machine doors because of the cabinet. Hence, stacking our laundry machines and turning it sideways. Sheesh. We covered up the unsightly water hookups with drapes… It works, but is not the most aesthetically appealing. As much as I hate the cabinet there, it serves as our pantry (since we do not have one in the kitchen) and I don’t know what we would do without it. Definitely a love/hate relationship with the wonky cabinet. 😉

On top of the dryer we have our picnic basket and watering can.

And this little folk artish picture. Can’t go wrong with barns and farmhouses. :)
Below the washing machine is this red, white and blue braided rug. Yes, our laundry room is patriotic. 😉

Next to the pantry and machines… we have a little roller table with a crate to organize our laundry detergents and softeners. Keeps things where they belong. 😉

These guys like to hang out on the shelf above it…
I am particularly fond of the polka dotted hen and Mr. Crow. Mr. Roller Rooster’s front wheel broke. How creepy is a roller rooster anyway? It reminded me of the wheely monkeys on the Return to Oz movie (which completely terrified me as a kid… and watching it again as an adult, yup, still nightmare worthy. haha In fact, I think the movie is MUCH scarier as an adult.) Then just an old antique iron and an overall wearing rooster.

I especially love Mr. Crow’s ginormous feet. And the fact he is wearing Baby Osh Kosh shortalls. And his beak. ha!

On the other side of the cabinet… we have our dog leashes and a fire extinguisher.

Side story… We almost needed to use it the other night! A few days prior, I was baking a pie and the pie filling bubbled over and dripped onto the floor of the oven… I was waiting for the oven to cool before I cleaned it out. Needless to say, I totally forgot about and went to bed. A few days later, hubby fires up the oven… literally. The oven completely caught fire. I’m talking real flames. In a mad panic… hubby starts throwing glasses of water into the oven… and, out of the fear of the fire spreading, I run to get the extinguisher. And the sad part is, with a REAL fire in my house… I still debated whether I should use the extinguisher, contemplating whether this qualified as a “fire extinguisher” worthy situation… all the meanwhile, bummed out on the thought of replacing our extinguisher (they’re not cheap!). haha. Who has such irrational thoughts like that amidst a blaze in the kitchen? Luckily, my old flight attendant fire extinguishing skills were not needed… hubby got the fire out the old fashioned way of throw cups of water at the fire. :) The point is, if you do not have a fire extinguisher… get one! You never know when you may need it! Moving on…

Door to the garage…
A red heart tin hangs with some gingham ribbon (did you really think you would see a room in my house without some red gingham accent? haha)
Below the door is this mat:

And a mat that perfectly describes my dog Dallas. 😉

On the back wall, I have hooks to hang a few of my aprons. Gives me easy access to pick out one to wear for the day.
Isn’t housework so much more tolerable if your wearing a frilly little apron? 😉
Can you pick out which one is my husband’s apron??

No! It is NOT the black and white polka dot ruffle apron! He get his “manly” In-N-Out apron. 😉

Finally… the window treatment… if you can call it that. I guess it would be more appropriately labeled as a “roman shade”. 😉
And that concludes the exciting tour of the laundry room! Thanks for stopping by… and for more tours… check out Kelly’s Korner blog. :)

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