Ruffle Apron

I am in California right now…visiting my parents. My mom and I have very similar taste (the apple didn’t fall very far from the tree here) especially when it comes to decorating, crafting and color schemes. My mom used to be a professional seamstress… so you can only imagine the remnants of fabric that she has accumulated over the years. I am like a kid in a candy store when I stay at her house. :)

I have been wanting to make a ruffle apron for a few weeks now. I had never seen one before; I thought I had made up a new idea… the likes of which no one has ever seen before…something that would revolutionize the apron industry! Yeah. I was losing my marbles over this idea… I even confided in my sister this top secret apron idea. And then my sister rained on my apron parade, informing me that Anthropologie already makes one. They stole my idea! 😉 Ok, maybe great minds think alike… that’s what I have convinced myself of anyway.

Nevertheless, I went ahead and made my ruffle apron anyway. The possibilities are endless… so many fabrics to choose from…patterns, colors…it is a mix and match heaven! :) Without further ado…(drum roll please)…I present to you… My Ruffle Apron!!

The Front

The Back.

The Side.

Fabrics used.

I am always attracted to bright and cheery colors… and of course RED! I love to pair red with yellow and green…and you really can’t go wrong with polka dots, gingham and floral prints. 😉

There it is… in all of it’s ruffly glory. 😉 Yeah… that bust is on a broomstick. haha you have to do what you have to do. 😉

I had so much fun making this… that I will surely be making many more technicolored aprons. 😉
Isn’t cooking, baking and cleaning so much more fun in a frilly apron? Well…cooking and baking is more fun… it simply makes cleaning bearable. 😉

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