Pumpkin Pie Pennants


What says Thanksgiving more than Pumpkin Pie?

Turkey, you say?


Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie. Just ask the pilgrims.

Nevermind all of the rumors that are being spread around about the pilgrims using natural resources like honey instead of sugar… or that they may have used butternut squash instead of pumpkin.

As far as I’m concerned, the pilgrims had a can of Libby’s pumpkin. Henceforth, I have the perfect Thanksgiving decoration to grace your holiday home: Pumpkin Pie Pennants!

They are so easy to make, require no sewing and are budget friendly.



What you need:

tan felt

orange felt


hot glue

ribbon or string

white tulle (optional)



This is so simple you really don’t need directions. But I will try to give some anyway, without insulting your creative intelligence. 😉

1- Cut triangles out of the tan felt.

2- Cut slightly smaller triangles out of the orange felt.

3- Cut a long, slightly scalloped pie for the top crust.

4- Hot glue the orange felt onto the tan.

5- Run your ribbon or string along the top of the triangle. Hot glue down, spacing the triangles how you want them.

6- Hot glue the scalloped top crust on top of the ribbon.

7- Add whipped cream. Take a long piece of white tulle, start by knotting it on the end. This helps the wrapping process. Next, twist around knot and flip every few turns. Dot with hot glue every now and then as you go. Make the whipped cream dallop as big as you want. Hot glue the bottom of the dallop to the center of the orange triangle. (Be very catreful when using hot glue on tulle! Don’t touch the part of the tulle you are pressing down to glue directly! You will get burned! Hold on either side of glue dot while pressing down!)

8- Now you are ready to hang! You can add a couple of tulle bows to the end to make it pretty or leave it as is!




Sooo easy! And quick! Perfect for the holiday season!

You can also make different variations! Try cherry pie with a lattice top or double crust top! The possibilities are endless!




Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!

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