Pumpkin Pickin' & Hay Rides Review and Giveaway


It’s Fall Y’all.

I know you can’t wait to get out your Christmas decorations. You are just waiting for Halloween to pass, then Christmas is fair game.

Am I right?

I’ve been there. I confess that I have had my Christmas tree up on November 1st, on more than one occasion. Because I couldn’t wait another cotton pickin’ minute.

But it is STILL Fall, Y’all!

There is so much crispy goodness to still soak up before Jack Frost comes to nip at whatever he can get his hands on.

The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving should not be overlooked.

This is the season that prepares our hearts for the celebration of Christ’s birth. And what better way to prepare than with a grateful attitude? With thanksgiving? With a count-your-blessings, joyful spirit? Praising God for all that He has given you? For all that is good and right and wholesome and lovely?

No. Let us not skip this season of “thanks-living”. We still have Fall goodness to celebrate! We still have Fall blessings to claim. Let us not miss out on these memory-making moments just to rush into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Take time to enjoy this season. Inhale deeply the glory of nature as it sheds its beauty in preparation for a season of hibernation. The weeks in between Halloween and Thanksgiving are such a blessing. There is no better time to start Fall family traditions than now.

Which leads me to something that I can’t wait to tell y’all about! (The two of you that haven’t already heard! haha)


 (Oh my goodness gracious, look at those adorable little pumpkin pie baby boys! Aunt Ruthie’s grandsons!)


You can only imagine my delight to hear that Aunt Ruthie from Sugar Pie Farmhouse has released an ebook called “Pumpkin Pickin’ & Hay Rides“. It couldn’t be more timely. It is filled to the brim with all of the goodness of Fall.

(If for some reason you have never experienced the awesomeness that is Sugar Pie Farmhouse, let me convince you of why you need to hop on the bandwagon and head on over there immediately. A long time ago I started a series called “In the blogLight”… highlighting only my most favorite blogs, etsy shops, products, etc. Well, Sugar Pie Farmhouse was my very first post in the series, because it is my very favorite. Read about it here.)

 Ahem… where was I?


 Oh yes. I remember now.

I was just about to lose my marbles, knock my socks off, do a few backflips and jump for joy over this ebook!!

The images!! Oh my golly, I am ready to pack my bags and move inside this ebook!

Every picture is dripping with sugary sweet goodness, inviting you to come in and stay awhile.


And with 96 pages (!!!) of  pure Autumn bliss, why wouldn’t you want to stay a while?  Grab a mug of something delightful and a snuggly blanket, because you won’t want to get up for a while.


There are recipes! Oh, gals… are there recipes! Sugared-Pecan Sweet Potato Bake! Granny’s Secret Apple Pudding Cake! Grandma’s Praline Pumpkin Pie! Honey Hush! I just can’t stand another minute of this…I’m going to just pop. Y’all know how I am anyway, reading cookbooks like thrilling novels, on the edge-of-my-seat in anticipation as I uncover tried and true recipes.



There is decorating. And homemaking wisdom. And tips on getting your little homestead in order and as clean as a whistle. There are suggestions for traditions, ideas for quality family time, and everything in between.




If for nothing else, read this ebook for the encouragement. Oh, the sweet and gentle encouragement, my friends, is worth every second spent reading. It is like coming into a warm refuge on a cold, harsh day. As homemakers, we are in a constant struggle with prioritizing our attention as the pressures of the world pull us in every direction. Often, we plain just don’t have time to be all that we want to be in the home;  we over-commit, we squeeze out every last drop of energy we have into just getting through another day and often at the expense of our family and our home.

I assure you, this ebook will motivate you, encourage you and help you be excited again to being all that God intended you to be as a Wife, Mother and Homemaker. (And, to clarify, working women are still homemakers! Your time at home is invaluable to your family! You are still the source of comfort, love and security. Don’t ever discount your vital role as homemaker just because you work outside of the home, too!)

Aunt Ruthie delivers a message of hope with practical, relevant wisdom. Her words flow like milk and honey, nourishing and sweet, pointing us in the direction to the promise land of a joyful, cared-for home. Through the use of beautifully descriptive imagery and eye-candy images, scripture references and aptly placed quotations, there is no way you can be left untouched by this blessing.

A Joyce Meyer quote that has really plucked at my life strings is: “God is much less concerned with changing your circumstance as He is with changing YOU.”

Perception. Priorities. Attitude. Outlook.


Our families deserve our very best. God purposely placed them in our life. He is trusting that we will be a good steward of the gifts He has given us. As women, we have the ability to bless our family with an abundance of love by creating a home that is comfy, cozy, and intentionally thoughtful. We are the heart and mood of the home and we have the honor of providing a safe-haven for our loved ones.

Aunt Ruthie’s “Pumpkin Pickin’ & Hay Rides” is a beautiful tool to help us see the joy in serving our families and serving them well. You will be refreshed with inspiration and excited to get started! Not only that! It will also delight your senses and make you lose your marbles. I guarantee it. 😉





When I found out I had the opportunity to preview this gem and review it for you guys, my soul clicked its heels like a leprechaun. (Enjoy that visual. You’re welcome.)

I cannot say enough good things.

Which is why I am honored to not only give it my stamp of approval, but overjoyed to be able to give away a copy! AND!! That’s not all folks! I will have it professionally printed and bound and sent to the home of one lucky winner!

I mean, c’mon. Who doesn’t love Sugar Pie Farmhouse and wouldn’t be giddy as all get-out to win a copy!! And all you have to do is leave a comment to be entered!

Spread the word! 

Leave a separate comment for each tweet, facebook or blog post for additional entries!

I will draw a winner on November 10th! Entries will be closed at 11:59 PST on Friday, November 9th!

Can’t wait for a winner to be picked?? (I don’t blame you!) Buy your copy now with a 25% off discount! Click here!

Good luck! And Happy Fall Y’all!

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  • Helen

    It’s so nice to see you blogging again and especially nice you are hosting such a wonderful giveaway! i love Aunt Ruthie…i have been reading her blog for ages now and she is so inspiring to me. I would love, love, love to have a copy of her e-book. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win one!


  • Karen Carter

    I am so happy to have read your new blog posts. I know you have tow kids but we your fans miss you when you are away : ) I also love Ruthies blog and when I saw pics of Maria and some of the girls with her one day for pie I called Maria as if she had been dining with the queen! I would LOVE to win her book! Thanks for the chance…{and keep writing}


  • Mandy Creasy

    I love the Sugarpie Farmhouse- you are so right- it is my favorite site, too! Thank you for the chance to win. Your blog is so sweet and festive. :)

  • Michelle

    What an adorable book! And what a fun giveaway!!

  • Ruthie ~ Sugar Pie Farmhouse

    Hello my dear, adorable and wonderful friend Melissa!! Thank you so much for this amazing review of my ebook! Wow! I’m humbled at your beautiful words. Your fabulous writing makes me want to go and buy one! LOL!! Our country would be a much happier and peaceful place if there were more mama’s like you! God bless the American homemaker! I’m keeping you, your little ones and hubby in my prayers!
    Sending hugs!

  • Mary

    Blessings from Albany NY!!!

  • Melissa

    Would love to have this wonderful book!! It sounds too cute!! Thanks for the opportunity!!