Project Style

My sister, Emily, was a finalist in Project Style, hosted by Nick Verreos (from Project Runway)!



So, naturally, Layla and I had to go support her with the loudest hoots, hollers and whistles from the crowd. haha


Layla picked out her outfit.

With the biggest bow in the closet.

(maybe I helped.)


Emily being interviewed pre-style challenge. (The baby he is talking about is LAYLA! haha)


And… Nick’s hilarious demonstration of a runway walk:



They were given a $200 gift card and free rein of the mall for only one hour.

Their mission was to find, style and come back with a completed outfit with accessories that represents their style.


“Sounds challenging” -Layla


“I will just sit here with my blue steel face until I get discovered” -Layla


And that took approximately 3.2 seconds. haha

Nick Verreos wanted Layla to come up on the runway and declared her the Project Style 2011 Winner for the “under 12 months” division. haha



She had her 5 seconds of fame.



She nervously fidgeted with my scarf…



…and enjoyed the attention.

Until she saw the big crowd staring at her.

Then she got scared and wanted to hide in my shoulder. 😉


It was just about time for the competition anyway.



The finalists in their outfits of choice.



Emily working the runway in her Fall Casual outfit.


Unfortunately, Emily was not chosen as the winner of the contest (the other girl, 2nd from the left, won).

However, she was the crowd favorite and a winner in our eyes. 😉

I think it was a great experience for her… and, she gets to keep the outfits… so, no loss there.


As for Nick Verreos… he was hilarious and very entertaining.


A good time was had by all. 😉

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