Palm Springs.

A few days in Palm Springs is just what the doctor ordered.

{Not that I’ve seen the doctor. That’s Wednesday! Yippee!}

Sunshine. Family. Laughter. Brisket Burger.  (Not necessarily in that order.)

We stayed at a hip hipster hotel (although I’m not sure they would appreciate being called that). It had a bohemian “free-spirit” vibe. A fun and relaxed atmosphere, if you will.

Expressive. In a “don’t label me” sort of way.

The cause for celebration?

This girl.

She was born. Hence, we celebrated.

We get along better now that we don’t share a room. Or have arguments over Spice Girl posters that someone (who shall remain nameless) insisted on torturing me with. Ahh…the joys of a little sister.

My mom and me.

My first pregnancy picture!

3… for three months! NOT for 3 peanuts in there.


Our other sister Jessica and our friend Maria came down one night to surprise Emily at dinner.  And let me tell you, I can’t get enough Mexican food.

The birthday girl and her birthday flan. haha

All in all, it was a hoot of trip. {minus getting sick every time I stepped foot in the car. RIP Del Taco. It was great while it lasted.}

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