One Busy Bee!

haha. How creepy is that picture? On a completely unrelated side-note… did you know that Melissa means “Honey Bee” in Greek? I guess that it is only appropriate since I have been a busy bee lately!

I certainly did not plan on taking such an extended blog break! I have pretty much been completely absent from blogs, emails… anything technology related and it is time to play some catch up with all of that for the next few days!

The general, overall update:

♥ Layla is still cookin’ in the oven (thank the good Lord!) After my little pre-term contraction scare… I was sick as a dog for a few days. Ugh. I wanted to make my shower SO bad and was scared of how I would handle the 5 hour drive to get there (which is usually no problem for me). I had a doctor’s appointment the morning of the day I was supposed to leave and he said I was cleared to go as long as I felt up to it. I came home and tried to take a nap and see how I felt when I got up… but ended up being completely restless instead. My doctor gave me anti-nausea medicine to take, which really helped in that department. I decided I would get in the car and start the drive… I could either be restless in bed or the car… and I figured the latter would be more productive. 😉 Nothing short of a miracle… I made it to my Mom’s house and started to feel better. Slowly but surely, I began to feel like myself again… just in time for the shower. What an answered prayer. Thank you everyone for all of your prayers and well wishes… they were heard and answered and I couldn’t be more grateful. :)

♥ I still have sporadic contractions, but they have not been regular so I’m not too worried. The Peanut is measuring where she should be and all of my NST monitoring appointments are normal. As of now, my doctors do not feel like there is any cause for concern but will continue to monitor me until delivery.

♥ Layla is still moving around and giving me kicks all of the time… especially in the rib cage. haha She loves getting her feet under my ribs and kicking whatever she can get a hold of… usually my stomach. Hello heartburn. 😉 I can definitely tell it is getting much more cramped for her as she continues to grow. I still cannot wrap my mind around the fact that she is almost here!

♥ Every time Jon talks to her she goes nuts. It is just about the cutest thing ever. She will be completely still and Jon will talk to her right outside of my belly…and she will started jumping and kicking every time. I think she loves her daddy already. :)

♥ It is amazing how you can already interact with her. For instance, she’ll push against my stomach with her foot and then stop. I’ll nudge her foot back and then she’ll nudge me and we’ll go back and forth with that. I can’t help but giggle and think it’s the greatest thing ever. I know it’s her reflexes but I’d rather believe that she is playing with me already. Because she is a very smart cookie. She will be delivered and immediately start figuring out Algebra equations. haha 😉

♥ After the whole hospital pre-term contractions scare… it became a reality to me (and Jon) that she could literally come any day now. It was time to get my behind in gear and finish up her nursery! I know that she won’t know the difference and I could technically still work on it after she is born… but living so far away from friends and family, we won’t be getting the normal “day visits”. We will be having friends and family making trips to see the baby and visit for several days at a time. The nursery is just one of those things I don’t want to even think about after Layla is born. With that being said, I have just come to terms with whatever I get done will have to be good enough. Luckily, I have accomplished a lot and will hopefully completely finish this week. I’m just about ready to show y’all what I’ve been working on! :)

♥ This week I’m also planning on making several meals ahead of time to freeze. I figure I will be thanking myself for that on the nights I am completely exhausted and do not feel like cooking after the baby is here. And, since I will no longer be on my gestational diabetes diet, I am planning on making up some Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls to freeze and bake later! haha It will certainly give me something to look forward to!

♥ Lastly, I am now 37 weeks! Full term! And I took an 8 month belly picture at my shower… which will follow shortly! I’m hoping to catch up with my all of my blog posts (and emails) today and tomorrow so stay tuned! :)

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