Need Your Help.

I need some ideas.

I want us all to be on the same page with the direction things are going…

but I’m having a hard time finding the right words.

I would love input or suggestions, if you have any.

Hypothetically speaking…

if I was trying to brainstorm a clever way to share with my friends and readers…

that our house will be increasing in size…

Though, we’re not moving houses.

Not getting a room addition…

or increasing square footage.

Not getting a puppy or a kitten…

or a pet of any kind.

If I wanted to reveal that this change isn’t going to happen overnight…

or even a month or two or three.

It will take time.

But it will be worth the wait.

If I could only think of a way to let y’all know,

that things will be changing around here.

I won’t have very much free time.

Or sleep.

Or sanity.

If only I could give  you a time-frame…

for now, the best I can predict is T minus 8ish months.

April showers will bring Layla Mae

“big sister” powers.

Do you guys have any suggestion on how I can cleverly spill the beans on this little secret? :)

Because I’m all out of ideas.



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