My Favorite Marburger Farms Jeweler: Skip to My Lou

There are so many skilled craftsmen (and craftswomen) at Marburger Farms, it’s ridiculous. I appreciate originality. I am delighted when I see someone use their artistic talent and birth something completely new. That is exactly what I found with a particular jewelry artist at Marburger Farms and boy oh boy was I tickled pink!

Skip 2 My Lou


Skip 2 My Lou booth at Marburger Farms


The jeweler, Janet Waldrop, creates jewelry (everything from necklaces to bracelets to earrings and beyond) out of vintage-found pieces.


I loved her idea of displaying the jewelry on old photographs. I collect old photos myself and thought that was such an adorable way to show off vintage jewelry.


The most random vintage pieces are strung together perfectly to tell a story.


You could literally spend all day in this one booth looking at each individual piece. Every necklace is different; no piece is used twice.

Some of my favorites:


All of the pieces on this necklace are old vintage clock faces.




Every single necklace is a conversation piece. And the best part? She writes out on the back of the photograph details about the necklace such as what each piece is, where it was found, etc. You, then, become knowledgeable about the uniqueness of the special necklace that you are wearing.


You can look at the same general area ten times and each time see something that you didn’t see before. Her booth is the definition of eye candy.

We loved it all but decided to keep walking around to other booths.

It only took approximately 15 minutes before we were back.

We knew we would regret not purchasing something this fun and unique.

On my second visit, I saw a necklace that I didn’t see before.

It was as if it was calling my name and made perfectly for me.


It was called “Flash”.



Pieces that were used to create this necklace:


It has a vintage astronaut with planets and stars.


…connected with a vintage game piece and a red toy airplane.


Set on the back of a vintage domino.



My first thought when I looked at this necklace was Jon.

It has always been his dream to become an astronaut.

And it is no secret that both of us like airplanes.

I knew this was my necklace.


I didn’t even make it out of the booth before I put it on.


We asked if she had an online store, and she does not.

However, she has plenty of customers that order directly from her.


I will definitely be looking forward to seeing her new items at the next Round Top (crossing my fingers that I will be able to go!).

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  • Jon

    Definitely my favorite!

  • Jon

    Definitely my favorite!

  • Crainecdc

    Does she have a web site???

  • Gunrsm8

    I LOVE your piece! I purchased one of her necklaces made out of Victorian watch parts during the fall show. My only regret is that I did not purchase more. She was wearing a gorgeous piece of ivory made out of the cover of a French prayer book. I cannot tell how many comments/compliments I get on this piece, even from men. I am on the east coast and she does not do shows this far east, which is a true bummer; I don’t know when I will have the opportunity to go back. Guess I’ll have to figure out how to purchase via mail!

  • Kelley

    Hi!  Looks like we have a mutual friend!  If you’re going to the Fall Antiques Week I would like to invite you to an event I’m giving with Rachel Ashwell and Bud Royer (of Royer’s Cafe).  The event is taking place on Monday, Sept. 26th.  It will be at Rachel’s new B&B.  Please let me know if you are interested in attending.  The official announcement will go out this week, but I am giving announced notice to a few people.  
    The cost is $35 and a portion of the cost is going to Dwell With Dignity, an organization I’m involved with and will be featured on the Nate Burkus Show on Aug. 31st.  
    Please let me know if you would like to be on the list of exclusive 35 bloggers that will be able to attend this event at Round top on 9/26th.  
    Thank you!