My Fall-themed Baby Shower Part 2: Food and Festivities

To see Part 1: Decor of My Fall-themed Baby Shower, click here.

Food and Festivities:

Well lets just get down to business, shall we? The dessert table. haha

There were more maternity pictures on the dessert table… and appropriately one with me with cupcakes and donuts (below). haha

Yummy gourmet caramel apples in all sorts of flavors!

Pecan bites, Cranberry Scones and Muffins.

Pumpkin spice cake… decorated by Maria!

And a buttermilk pecan pie, compliments of Jaime!


And now for the ridiculously delicious food, compliments of DeBran and her husband Kenny.

Assorted bread with Pumpkin Butter and Spread.

A fresh salad and these guys… I’m not sure what they are called.

DeBran is straight roasting marshmallows with a torch. haha

Oh my goodness, under all of that marshmallow-y goodness is heaven in a bowl. Butternut Squash Soup. The name does not do it justice, believe me. haha

The main course was a stuffed pork…

…and seasoned vegetables.

Soup bowls.

A bucket of colorful napkins with utensils.

And matching Fall-themed plates. Shame on me if this is considered “decor”. I associate it with food. 😉

I was in hog heaven.

Family, Friends and Festivities:

Of course the best part of my shower was celebrating little Layla with my family and friends. I am just over joyed that I got to share such a special day with these girls.

My sister Emily, Me, my Mom and my sister Jessica.

Layla was getting a lot of attention. She even got her own picture!

Jessica, Jaime and Maria.

Only two boys were allowed in. They must be pretty special. (My nephew, Owen and DeBran’s son, Wayde… with Carlie.)


There were 3 games:

A memory game…

Such a Jaime face. haha :)

The Price is Right Game:

Apparently I have no clue what baby things cost. I better start clipping coupons.

And a Baby Food Game:

I think everyone enjoyed the green one. haha

Mental note taken… no peas. You’re welcome, Layla.

And we even had a bonus “I’ve never…” game:
Layla was presented her first piggy bank and if someone says something that they’ve never done but you have… then you have to put some change in the piggy bank. It was the start of Layla’s college fund. 😉
Evening started to settle in…
… and it turned out to be the perfect Fall night!

Very Generous Friends and Family!

I won’t bore y’all to death with more gift opening pictures… but for the record, Layla received the cutest things ever!

Fun at Nightfall:

The string lights are lit…

The pumpkins are glowing…
… there has been serious damage to the dessert table.
Friends. Minus a few that had to leave early. And a few more that hadn’t made their way into our yearbook style picture yet. haha
Oh HAY! A few more faces. And an adjustment to the lens.
I love candid shots. I can only imagine the conversation. And my sister’s face never fails to crack me up in this picture.

We lingered around…
Chit Chatting.
… had coffee and hot chocolate with yummy Fall flavored creamers.
…and seriously went back for round 2 with the food. haha
It was such a fun baby shower. Everything was perfect and I am so grateful to my Sisters and Mom for putting so much time, effort and thoughtfulness into making it beyond special for me. It was such a joy to share the coming of Layla’s arrival with such great friends, too. It was more than I could have ever hoped for and I truly feel blessed. :)
Jessica has a few more pics and details (is that even possible?) of the shower on her Party Love blog here.

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