My Fall-themed Baby Shower Part 1: Decor

I have to break up my baby shower post because there is just so much I want to show y’all. And to include everything in one post would be some serious sensory overload. 😉 First up… DECOR!

First things first. I LOVE FALL. It is my favorite time of year. I start losing my marbles at the simple thought of Fall being around the corner sometime in July. So anyone who knows me, would understand my excitement when I received the invitation to my baby shower:

My sisters, Jessica and Emily, along with my Mom were hosting my baby shower. It really is a coincidence that Layla Mae will be a Fall baby… we certainly didn’t plan for it that way. But since she is,  what better way to celebrate than a Fall theme? :)

The Decor

It was too funny… upon my arrival, I walked up to my Mom’s porch and saw these pumpkin wreaths! I had seen them in a store a few days before and was ranting and raving over them to Jon. I just LOVED them. I didn’t end up buying them but it goes to show that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. 😉

Immediately inside there was a “sign in” and “favor” table with a few different collages of our maternity pictures.

Which got signed and turned into this:

… Cute homemade chocolate pumpkins for the guests to take home.

Around the house:

… plenty of whimsical decorations.

How cute are these cone treats on a stick?? They were all filled with different candies.

The main area for the party was outside on the patio:

The Floral Arrangement doubled as pens! Details, details everywhere!

Layla’s initials. :)

Layla sitting on top of the diaper cake.

The loot for the prizes were wrapped up in burlap and tied with jute.

How cute is this clothes line??

My Mom had the cutest antique crib to hold the gifts in.

I just loved all of the dainty little details all around… from lace lined candles to pretty doilies and tablecloths!

And not to mention such pretty Fall flowers everywhere!

The decor was absolutely delightful! I thoroughly enjoyed relishing in all of the sights to behold…

Next up… Food and Festivities!

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