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Let’s make an Amigurumi pet

I have lots of friends who have been going crazy on creating a knitted Amigurumi pet. Today, this is what I am going to try out.

For those who want to know what an Amigurumi is, well it is a cute and cuddly little toy that you can make by crocheting. It came from the Japanese words “ami” which means to knit and “nuigurumi” which refers to a stuffed doll.

The Amigurumi is well known for its quite large heads and eyes, bright colors and big smiles. There are various Amigurumi patters available, you can make little birds, rodents, squirrels, fishes, whales and so much more.

If you are Amigurumi beginner like me, here are some important tips that you can take note of:

  1. Since the Amigurumi parts are quite small, you can actually make all of its different parts by trying to knit or crochet around a circle. Once you have made your circle, continue circling around it with single crochets towards forming a ball.
  2. Once you have finished or crocheted many rows to form a sphere, you can decrease your stitches by using a technique that I call the Invisible Decrease.
  3. The third step after you have crocheted all the parts of your Amigurumi is to sew them all together. This is actually the fun art, when you are attaching limbs and seeing all of it come together.

But of course, to be able to create an Amigurumi, you need to have all the basic materials required. These include the following:

  • A crochet hook, preferably with aluminum tops and rubber handles which are extremely comfortable to use.
  • A pile of beautiful yarns that you can use to create your wonderful Amigurumi pets.
  • Scisscors, it is good to invest in a good pair.
  • Safety eyes to put in a lot of your Amigurumi pets.
  • Yarn needles that you can use to attach all those body parts.