More Good Deals from the Goodwill.

Tuesdays are military discount day at our Goodwill… 20% off everything. Yeehaw!

So it only makes sense to make my weekly Goodwill trip on Tuesdays. And, let me tell you, I always find treasures on my Tuesday trips. Let me show you what deals I got this week:

Dress #1:

171819I have never owned a dress of this style… and for some reason I feel like it would be something Stacey and Clinton from What Not to Wear would pick out. It hides the problem areas and is flattering on. And it is a fun print.

Brand: New York & Co.

Price: $3.51

Dress #2:

21I just could not help but be drawn to this dress! It is so spring/summery and it probably comes as no surprise that I love me some polka dots! It was just fun.

Brand: Sweet

Price: $3.51

Dress #3:

2223I really liked this dress, too! I am imagining some black tights and boots… but the charcoal color is pretty versatile.

Brand: fire los angeles

Price: $3.51

Pants #1



Just a classic pair of black slacks. Practically brand new… just needs to be hemmed but that’s easy.

Brand: Daisy Fuentes

Price: $3.00

And my fun finds:

Vintage Curtains!! I am recycling all sorts of fun things… curtains, pillowcases, etc. into aprons!

Curtain #1:

14I just loved the yellow ruffle with flower lace! It’s going to make a delightful apron!

Price: $1.65

Curtain #2:

1516I saw this pair of curtains last week and wanted them but didn’t want to pay$6.50 for the pair. But look at the eyelet and the scallops. And yellow! This week all of the green tags were 50% off (plus my military 20%)…and these curtains just happened to be a green tag! Needless to say, I was pleased as punch!



26I just thought this guy was too cute.

Price: $1.19

All of this…

3 dresses

1 pair of slacks

3 panels of curtains

1 glass vase

…for a grand total of $19.00!

Not too shabby, eh? :)

Happy Thrifting!


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  • Kim-HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs

    Wow, more great finds…I’m heading to my local Goodwill today!

  • Kim-HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs

    Wow, more great finds…I’m heading to my local Goodwill today!