Miramar Air Show

Yes, I’m going backward…not forward.

I’m still playing catch up with posts. Enough justification.

Jon went with the Super Hornet demo to the Miramar Air Show in San Diego a few weeks ago (the weekend I was also in Southern California for my baby shower). No, he did not fly in the show. No, the Super Hornet he flew down there was not on static display. Even better. Jon was the announcer for the demonstration! “Announcer voice” and all. haha What I wouldn’t have given to  have been there for that! Unfortunately, that was the week where I was ridiculously sick and contemplating whether I would even be able to attend my shower. But lucky for us, someone took video.

You can hear Jon announce randomly throughout the demonstration but it is hard to hear him over the jet noise. You can get a good sample of his announcing from minute 8-9. All air show announcers sound the same…and Jon did a great job of fitting into the mold. 😉

Here’s another quick clip of the Super Hornet demo with a vapor cone that is pretty cool…

My niece and nephew got to go down to and see the planes.

Watching the Blue Angels.

Brother-in-Law, Bobby, and my Niece,  Ella.

And that was a lot of commas.

Jon talking to Bobby’s brother, Timmy.

And… Jon with Ella and Luke.

Overall, it appeared that everyone had a hoot.

How could you not?

Airplanes. More airplanes. Fast airplanes. Cool airplanes. Good seats to watch said airplanes. A tour through the airplanes by Uncle Jon, the announcer.

So sad I missed it. Next time, Gadget. Next time.

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