Metamorphosis Monday: Dining Room and Wine Rack Makeovers

It is Metamorphosis Monday on the prairie, hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch!

This weekend I had two mini metamorphoses: one in the dining room and the other to the bathroom.

Before we begin, this post includes a little game called, “Where’s Dollas”? (Dollas is the “Brangelina” name hybrid for my dogs Dolly and Dallas. Their names always seem to be a tongue twister… we either mistakenly call one Dollos or the other one Dally, haha… so when referring to both at once, it is Dollas.) The game is similar to “Where’s Waldo?”… since my dogs like to follow me around everywhere and are always in my pictures. 😉 How many times can you spot Dollas? 😉 Here we go.
The Dining Room Metamorphosis:

The wall to the left is blank… and I wasn’t quite sure what to put there. I would love a new hutch or china cabinet… but that is not in the budget right now.

I really dislike blank space in my house… so I decided to rearrange what I already have; I added an old door to the wall.

I wasn’t done with it quite yet. 😉 I needed to pretty it up a bit!So I added a heart-shaped grapevine wreath with some dried sunflowers that I made (tied with rafia) and red gingham curtains to the window.

I also added a tea light tin star…

…and a set of old skeleton keys.

The hand-painted red heart was hanging outside of the chapel on our wedding day…
It holds sentimental value for us. :)

Exhibit A: Red heart on our wedding day:
Continuing on with the dining room door tour… 😉

You might recognize the heart plant stand and floral arrangement from last week’s Met Monday.

Click here to see Plant Stand Makeover.

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The mini metamorphosis wine rack makeover:
You might recognize this wine rack from my “Old West” Tablescape… when it held rootbeer. :)

Click here to see the Old West Tablescape.

Well, we were having a house full of guests this weekend (who were also sharing one bathroom)… so I decided that it would also make a great hand-towel and wash cloth holder!
I just rolled up some hand towels and wash cloths, tied them with jute twine and placed them in the wine rack.
Voila! Efficiency that is also aesthetically appealing: a win, win situation. 😉
Oh! Hello! Did you see me?
You did?? How many times?? 😉
For more fabulous metamorphoses, check out Between Naps on the Porch!
Hope everyone had a delightful weekend! :)

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