Maxi Dress Fever

Is it just me or is anyone else in love with Maxi Dresses? I mean, seriously… can you get any closer to a muumuu? And it is not only acceptable but stylish?? Count me in! They are so comfortable…and Summery…and totally cute with a pair of flip flops, flats or heels. Needless to say, I am losing my cotton pickin’ marbles for Maxi Dresses!

I thought I would sew a Maxi Dress for myself and, lucky for me, JoAnn’s was having an incredible pattern sale… I purchased this McCalls pattern for $1.99!! It is pattern number 5652 in case any of you would like to make one for yourself. :)

While rummaging through my Mom’s old fabric, I found a delightful vintage patchwork print… perfect for my Maxi Dress.
Doesn’t this look comfy?? IT IS! I love it!

I took these pictures a few days before I cut all of my hair off! 😉
Here is a shot of the back of the dress…

A closer view… my sisters and I were having lunch at the Airport Cafe at French Valley Airport… there is nothing like sitting on the patio watching the planes take off…unless, of course, you are IN one of those planes taking off. 😉

Pattern = $1.99
Fabric = Free (thanks Mom)
Zipper = Free (Mom has a whole basketful of those, too)

Total Cost to make my Maxi Dress = $1.99
What a bargain! 😉
A big thanks to my Mom for being so gracious and giving with her fabric and zippers!

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